Gelato seedlings

Got a few gelato seedlings going atm I usually just do clones so kinda noobie at seedlings how early do ya’ll feed them nutrients? A couple look like they could use some cal mag and a couple look pretty good I just don’t want to burn them, they are about 3-4weeks from germ was a bit slow going due to temp drops as its winter here in aus but temps all good now cheers


They in coco?

Yeah in coco

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To the best of my knowledge coco is inert. My coco girls get fed about 3/4 strength nutes for the 1st 2 weeks, then full strength to the end

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Yeah okay thanks I was think of giving them half dose or so first thought I’d come here for a few opinions first cheers man :+1:

You want your ppms around 500

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Have to feed coco from day 1


You’re brave to take on coco and not know much about nutes, but you will before it’s over. Coco scares me. Everything has to be perfect, or they just puke it seems like.

I don’t think that’s the case at all. I’ve found it simple.

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Seems like its easy in coco but what scares me is the daily feedings and maintenance. I may try coco next run but i need to set up a drain/condensating pump set up b4 i go that route. Good luck op, good advice you got

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Some coco users don’t require drain to waste because not all nutrient lines need runoff to avoid buildup.

I mix 15-20 gallons of Jack’s 321 at a time, monitor pH and feed every day. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, well, until you talk to MeEasy about fully organic grows where it’s straight water and top dress a couple times a grow. That’s work up front to prepare and cook your soil.

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So you do not water to runoff using jacks? I thought that was customary even in coco?

This last run I watered to runoff, like a mini flush, once a week at most. I’m not saying it’s the right way, but I had what I thought were great results. I can tag you over to my corner if you’d like.

Ill check it out. Cool thanks

Ive used coco from the day i started i love it its also good with leds what i use once the ladies are up and running my water schedule is every 2nd day, i just hate raising seedlings lol ive always had a mother plant and cloned and just fed the clones nutes as soon as they go in the pots. I wasn’t sure of when to feed seedlings nutes i give them a dose today of half nutes see how they turn out :+1:t2:

Gotta say I’m with @Underthestairs here… I switched to coco with me nutes this run and this is my result

With the Jack’s that Ryan and I both use, you can feed clones full strength. I water it down because they don’t need full strength so I don’t see value in spending the extra money… not that it’s very expensive.

Yeah i do feed my clones full strength as soon as i transplant them, im using dutch fest nutrients have been for a while im pretty happy with all my gear

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Nearly 3 weeks on with a lot of patience and tlc and the 5 gelato fem seeds looking a lot better :sunglasses: will take a clone from each one and wait and see what the best pheno is and mother that one :+1: