Gelato qb and me!


All that matters.


So everythings chugging along…

All still doing well and that issue hasnt showed its ugly head sence. But i forgot the day i got rid of them pans i also added another humidifier so mabey rh played a roll who knows


And heres blue dream.

Shes looking good and still has 4 weeks mabey 5


Stacking nicely very dense nugs


Yup, very nice looking!


The watering more often is really paying off. Im about to throw the bigger of the 2 gelatos into flower i would like to get one going and that would let me veg the gold leaf and other gelato an extra week too.


Sounds good to me!


We still need to get together bro so i can share the fruits of our labor lol


I’m down if we can swing it. You jumped into that lab forum right?


I have to wate about 3 or 4 days probably. She got some hair cut and got topped in a couple more places so after i get new growth and it starts to darken i will put in flower im thinking by friday


Yepper i placed my order and its getting sent out in the morning (my cash not order)


I’m sure will take a little bit, but I’ll keep an eye out. Shouldn’t be hard to find me when you get there.


Ole gold leaf looks as tho shes trying to get a magnesium defencey


I will get a better pic in am just grabbed this on my way out for the night


Definitely got something going on. Looks slightly nitrogen deficient to. But I’m no expert.


Idk mabey that growth just hasnt darkened all the way she has been growing quick. Oh well i willgive her 1ml per liter next feeding


Shouldnt be i gave fish emulsion 4 days ago it may just not have darkened yet but it almost looks like the veins are a little darker idk they will get fed tomorrow night so i will be able to give her a good look in natural light. Tonight i had to finish up tday shopping and had to get up super early this morn so tomorrow it will have to be


Yeah either way it’s nothing major looking so I wouldn’t sweat it.


Right cant correct until i can feed but yea i will throw some cal mag and alaska fish fertilizer in with my sensi grow a and b and see what happens


@MAXHeadRoom how are you doing? Hows your new grow comming