Gelato qb and me!


I agree, wouldn’t sweat it based on that. Heights sound reasonable to me for where you’re at. I would’ve said probably 20-24” had you not mentioned. Like purp said, if you’re getting good growth and not stretching, why run any harder than you need to right now? When you get around transition time you can start lowering and increasing intensity.


Idk mabey it was over watered this is her early this morning shes in the middle


your girls look good


Looking good love that color​:+1::+1:


Looks pretty good in that pic.


Thank you, she still looked droopy this morning so its got to be shes just getting ready for bed


Probably not worth stressing about it. If she’s growing well and droop is temporary, wait to see if she shows a more definitive issue or doesn’t show any issue at all.


Im really not but i did put everything back to the way it was before i noticed this happening. Well all but 1 thing that i just didnt think about until today. I have these metal pans that i was going to use just cause i thought they were cool and thought if i flooded them and set my pots in and pulled them out to drain any excess water.i only did it once then quit and just set the pots in them like a tray. I dont know if it really has any thing to do with it but mabey the metal was getting to hot after 14 or 15 hrs of light beaming on them. I got rid of them tonight and gave all 3 a full feeding and added a little bit of fish emulsion


Heres the blue dream


Are those all in the same space?


No the flowers are in the boxthe veg is outside the box. Use one side of box for wall. But taking them out of the metal containers made all the difference and no droop this morning


Great news!


Im excited to watch, this is one of my buddies favorite strains and I wanna grow it for him. Cant wait to learn off this bro.


My high ass thought you had some crazy next level germinator glass piece in the first pic haha I was looking at it for like 5 mins like damn what is that


Lmao no just the way the glass looked in pic


Im thinking about a batch of edibles for thanksgiving.


And here they are at lights out and you can see no more issues with the gold leaf shes the middle set on the left

Its crazy to think that metal tray got hot enough to make her droop and unhappy as the tray never felt warm and constantly had a fan blowing on it, but once i removed that tray the problem went away that day


Ya, whatever was happening that seems to have solved it. I see you’re in fabric pots too. Any chance the pan could’ve been holding water and keeping roots more wet than they wanted to be?


No they were dry. I let the pots dry out even while in those trays and she still did it. What ever it was she was the only one affected


Ah well its healthy and happy now