Gelato qb and me!


If things were looking good I would just dim light again instead of raising it. May as well just draw less power.


Right on i will dim it at lights on. Whats this im not to familiar with less is more always been a balls to the wall kinda guy lol


They definitely run more efficient at lower power.


About what do you think i should run it for these plants size 3/4


50-75% should be fine and adjust height as needed. You’ll never be under lit to the point the plants stretch a foot overnight with them.


Right on i appreciate it it just seems so dim that low lol


Used to cheapchina lighting


I think is subliminal after seeing them at full power.


Yea i dimmed it to around 60 65% so hopefully it will look better tonight when i get off of work


Keep me posted please, but I think you’ll be better there.


You know i will brother. I appreciate all the schooling on lighting and fixtures. I will know how she looks in the morning i will take a picture. I will say this it is not affecting the growth the topping is starting to grow in nice


That’s good. Could just be a plant that’s a little more light sensitive, it happens.


No its still doing it this morning i really think shes just getting ready for bed


Could be too. I would leave light where you have it for now anyway. Unless something else tells you otherwise.


Yea im waiting for a indication as in something visual other than a little droop at lights out. Its still growing at a rate thats compairable with the gelato so im not sure. Im letting them completly dry out just to make sure shes not drowning. (Although i really dont suspect it to be overwatering) but it started to show the first time i tried to wick the feed to the gold leaf.


Thats what I call stacking up the buds . Very nice Blue Dream .


I know if i would have known i would have vegged it longer lol


Ok @dbrn32 here is a pic of gold leaf at lights on

As you can see shes just fine but come 9 am she starts looking droopy and in the next pic you can see the new growth


But the light is only 22 in above plant. Im still learning with these qb so what type of height should i maintain? I have been trying to keep around 22 to 24 in


Just go by your node spacing honestly. @24 it works. @12 it works… but u get a squat little bush :joy::joy: well big bush.