Gelato qb and me!


and then rolled into a nice joint. burned some.

came back burned it again


roach left. came back week later (just. now) burned most of the rest. 6 maybe 7 hits. tasted so good, so smooth, and something a little extra. something special. like the difference between beer and a soft cabernet. and it dawns on you maybe this lower potency flower is actually better. cause this feels gooooooood


Damn!!! I am having serious issues right now and i think its humidity related!!! Or shall i say lack of humidity is the issue… I got a small humidifier thinking my room is so small 7x8 and sealed with foil sheet insulation so it would help boy was i wrong. Fighting to keep it around 30. So i have a big 10 liter soup pot so i filled it 3/4 the way and set it to a rolling boil, then took it out and set it in room and im up to 36… Having to spend 2000 to get my wifes car fixed a new humidifier is out of the question. Any suggustions please im open to any and all. I cant see me having to boil 2.5 gallons of water every 4 hrs


That explains your rabbit hole post LMAO


Can you slow exhaust fan or choke off intake?


Yea i could unplug intake its just a cheap fan with no speed controler


Heres that blue dream doing pretty good with the way im watering… I just never let it dry out


And heres a shot of the fast 5

You can see the gold leaf, the vegging plant in the middle, is not digging this low humidity shes the one whos really showing any sign of stress and rh is only thing outta wac unless shes just still recovering from her haircut.


Try that and see where it gets you.


Ive got a thermometer with rh in my box so we will see about that in the morning. And i will have to find my other one cause all my plants veg in open space…


Hard to keep humidity up this time of year where we live. Hopefully a few tweaks will help.


Try hanging wet towels, or put a dish towel in the bottom of a bowl put a couple inches of water, just enough to wet towel and keep the edges out of water then put near the plants and light the heat will evaporate. It wont bring it to 60% but it will get you out of critical low humidity untill u can get a permeate fix. Work for me for about a week now I was in 15% in tent got up to 36% till I get humidifier. It’s not much but it works.


I unplugged my intake and it helped keep it in mid 30 range all night so i think i will be ok until saturday when i will be able to get a bigger humidifier


I just got myself some gelatos from ilgm and cant wsit to grow. But I gotta get one or two more grows to be comfortable growing them. I got goldleaf too which is slotted for summer outdoor grow. And some lsd to get indoor honed in.


I am in the same boat low 30s and my humidifier will be here in 24 hrs. If you check my grow you will see my poor man’s humidifier.


The gelato is actually vegging really nice but the gold leaf is really telling me shes not happy right now. I will get a pic. Unless shes getting ready for bed. Now that i think about it, in the late morn they get lights off at 11am now about 9 or 10ish she looks like pic below… But apon lights on she looks better i am going to take 2 pics one now and one at lights on



You know I had issues with goldleaf early after germination. Got to seedling to transplant and it just turned over and died. Might have been a humidity or over watering issue. It could have been my lighting too. 600w mh to close. That’s why I went to LEDs. But yours looks way better then mine did.


She might just need some nutes for roots or a ph issue. Mine was doing the same thing.

I gave her some boomerang and bam…
Of course the pics are backasswards


Really shouldnt be ph issue i guess its possible. I dont ph anything.
But now that you mention the light it did start doing this when i maxed the power on my light so i may try raising it 6 in tonight. Theres absolutly no color indication, but shes still growing on pace with the gelato. I need to pull her out and really look close as i had a mouse eat part of a gelato im woundering if it hasnt returned and is messing with GL