Gelato qb and me!


Welcome take a seat. They are 20 days old minus about 1 to 2 weeks for seedling stage so about a week or so in true veg. But i top by plant size and development rather than age. Different grow mediums give different growth rates. Soil might be a little slower while hydro may be faster growth. I use coco with around 30% cut of perilite


I will take more and individual pics after bit


Damn @screwauger appreciate the likes in abundance lol hows that harvest going


I got behind so I was power reading @Sirsmokes

I am checking trichs every day on my purple haze auto. Dank AF but I’ve yet to find a single amber trich. Most is not all pistils are shriveled so…tick tock

Is that blue dream an auto? It looks great so your method is effective I’d say. I have 4 BD fem seeds but I’ve yet to consider growing them.

I think next is a jack herer auto for me.


Im growing my autos in the open right now sence lighting dont matter or shall i say true dark doesnt matter. But no the blue dream is just a bag seed i got from a dispensary bag from colorado so who even knows if its true blue dream. I just threw it in 2 gal to have something to have between harvests its in with a wwa however the wwa is real spindly (ive just come to accept after 4 different seeds have done it that its genetics) but they make great edibles and hash only reason im growing her out . ive got some adjusting to do with my lighting trying to decide if i should add my 300 gh to my box with my qb or put both qb 320 in my box and run my autos and early veg plants under 300gh? Decisions decisions i dont think the wife would go for another 400 light lol not right now anyways. Oh well i cant get dense buds on these wwa any light they are under so i think im going to scrog with 300gh. As far as watering adjustments after tons of reading im thinking i let them get to dry during flower and stress them to hermi so im just not letting them dry out at all they are in 2 gal and get 3 liters between the 2 every night


First up is green mouse buffet!!! Shes starting to respond great to the nutes. Just got a full strength feeding today and topped this am. And i went ahead and cranked the light up


Next up is gelato #2 she also recieved a haircut and full feeding today


And up last but growing fast is gold leaf


And 2 grunts to run in a auto scrog wwa ilgm


Thanks for stoppin by i will update in another week or so


Looking good. I can’t wait to see how that gelato turns out.


Yea im hoping the 700+ watts of qb will do some great flowering. Plus learning more about coco and understanding has helped me alot im excited to see what this blud dream produces. With new watering practices


Happy veterans day to all. And thank you vets for your service


Happy Veterans Day all you service peoples


All these states going legal got me like…


so im smoking pot


its some really tasty flowers, i harvested about a month ago


and im fucking stones


and im thinking to myself.
i didn’t think these little flowers could possibly do anything. theyr so small and under developed, probably wont do anything ao i may as well gather all them up, dont let any get away. and my fingers were sticky… and smelly… yum. i didnt expect that.


then i let some cure for a while in a bag in the fridge