Gelato qb and me!


Ugh I’m already out of likes for the day lol. Good of Gold leaf to join the party. Looks like she’s trying to catch up.


Oh yea she was trying to make an entrance last night. Shes here now, they got about 4 days then into big girl digs


@Drillbit this is my new journal


They are all in their big girl digs


And will be dropping more beans tonight. Cpl more wwa


Oh ok. My bad. Already watching this one.


i love to throw an auto in the mix…lol
usually in-between grows


Ok its been a while and they are starting to grow in the pic its gold leaf in the front and then the 2 gelatos. You will notice the back gelato is stunted… I discovered yesterday that a mouse had infultrated and ate both feeder leaves and half of one of the first fingered leaf.

Then heres a project just for fun

And they will be going into this contraption


Thats a 24x24 base and a 24x32 is the top scrog i dont plan on topping just some supercropping and tucking. By the way those are white widow autos


I feel like I’ve seen that scrog build before and wanted to copy it, nice work!


Great work :wink:


@dbrn32 yes its definatly not an original i believe i initially got the ideal from @Myfriendis410 from the ones he uses in his yard so he can move the plants around


Thanks @Hogmaster they are finally starting to take off. Even the one that became a buffett is started to take off which im thankful she didnt die. If the mouse had gotten to it sooner im sure she wouldhave parished


Here we go quick update
The first pic is of the gelato that was eaten on by a field mouse that took refuge from the cold in my garage.

You can notice in the profile pic both the feeder leaves are gone and half of the single fingered leaf


Next is the gelato that wasnt ate

Notice the size difference. Not much but atleast a whole node smaller on the mouse buffet


Finally the gold leaf its the biggest so far


And here is a blue dream that im experimenting on with a little different watering style. Im not letting the coco dry out much keeping it wetter than i normally do

So far from what i can tell it seems to be working better than letting it get super dry. Im definatly still learning alot in regards to coco and AN


Mouse buffet is coming around. All the girls look good and healthy. N that blue dream is… well dreamy


So 2 gelatos and the gold leaf were topped this morn before lights out. But im going to try wicking with these plants. Will post pics when lights come on around 5


I have the same seeds for my next grow, I’ll be hanging around to see your girls go.
And how old are they when u topped