Gelato qb and me!


I like that train of thought. I still need one more cabinet for my room. And I’m going to build another small light for getting seeds started. Maybe I could build a little propagation cabinet for the future.



That actually looks really perfect for the space. Nice way of doing things. And light tight as well


It great my ac sits on it a real space saver. Only uses a 50w cob i get no stretch either


Nice I’m building another 2 strip of Samsung strips for a seeds starter light. But I’ll need a place to put it where it won’t effect my flowering plants. I just got a small cabinet it would actually fit in but need to move my extra stuff out of it. Maybe just another shelf would solve my space issue. First grow plus a freshly built grow room it’s going to take a while to get the bugs worked out and get it where everything has a place and function.


It has been a year for me and im still not happy but i have a place for seeds/clones then i have a open space where i grow my autos then i have a light tight box for my photos


All in a 7ft by 8ft room with 8ft ceilings


I have a very supportive wife lol


My room is kind of odd shaped. It’s 5 feet wide in the grow area then is 7 feet wide at the front. With 6.5 feet of depth so trying to keep 5x4 for growing the rest for my reservoir and me to move around in. I’ll tag you into my grow so you can see. That probably wasn’t a very good explanation lol.


Yea i have another journal thats active right now thats got my white widow autos


Lol I better not expand anytime soon. I pushed my wife to the limits on budget lol. But she’s supportive and super awesome about helping me. I think she just knows I’m less grumpy high. My pain management doctor cut me off from my valium and she was more angry than me lol. But they don’t mix with my other meds. And the goal is to get me off all or at least most my pharmaceuticals asap.


Yea i dont blame you if you can get off opiates do it beo they are nasty things. Great if you absolutly cant live without them but if you can so worth it. I feel so much better being off all big pharma. My wife dont help unless shes my last resort however she seldom smokes. Mabey 1/8 to my 1 oz. But shes already told me if i want it get it. She knows im getting ready to get a new tent and 6in filter and exhaust. They only thing she has said is if the police ever knock i better say its mine and i grew it regardless of what she said


Haha yeah mine doesn’t even like the smell of it. She’s supportive but told me spend what I need to but make sure she can’t smell it lol. But she’s one of the weird people that had a seizure from weed. Which I always thought was rare but seems it happens to some people. But she sees I’m in constant pain. I sleep less than 4 hours a night on a good night. And at least once a week I don’t sleep at all from the pain.


Whew brother thats rough mine just says im a dick if i dont have weed. Lmao
No it just helps me tollerate stupid.
Sorry your always in pain i know that wears on quality of life
And it always seems to be the most positive people who suffer


Yeah I have my bad days where I’m down but there’s no point in focusing on the bad. It’ll eat you body and spirit if you do. And I agree about tolerating stupid. It’s everywhere you look these days. And my nerves are so frazzled I have no patience for it. That’s really what my bad days are. I’m just so burned out I have to avoid people because they dance on my last remaining nerve lol.


Yea i def here you there i always try to avoid crowds. I can tollerate people in small doses. Honestly depending on atmosphere. But bro im about to call it a night myself i just finished in the garage and get up early but im always around bro ttyl


Yep have a good night man. I enjoyed the chat.


i really like it when they shoot up quickly @Sirsmokes
looks like a good start!


And gold leaf joined the party this morning.