Gelato qb and me!


Well thank you my notifications said it was donald i thought but either way
“Thank You”


He might have beat me to it lol @Sirsmokes o yeah got mine in water too :sunglasses:unless he was fixing a different one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mine should be here (above rapid rooter) tonight. Im stoked will be pics tonight to see where their at tonight!!


I’ll be checking mine here in about eight hours see if they cracked if they do they’re going directly and do solo cups now you got me all excited @Sirsmokes


Pitching a tent! Lol :eyes:


Oh yea im tuned in and watching your grow too!!!
Very excited about this


And we have one new to the world

And heres the 2nd trying to break ground


I look for the 2nd gelato to be here either tonight or her and the gold leaf will be up by tomorrow


Sorry bs post


Heres 2 gelato babies

And gold leaf is trying


Man they are moving fast. No messing around with those seeds lol.


Yea they hit h20 sat at 2pm and monday by 10 the gelato had broke ground and the gold leaf will be here in morning


That’s impressive.


This is honestly about the same timeline all my seeds fall in using this method never any longer than 3days


I think mine took right at 3 days and I thought that seemed pretty good. But first grow so didn’t know truly what to expect. 2 days just seems so fast. But I also think I need to get a seed mat cause it was cold that first day and i didn’t have any warmth for them. So that might’ve delayed them a little.

Just looked at my calendar 3 days for 1 the other 3 came up on day 4.


Yea i dont use a seed mat i just make sure that my space is 74-80


Yeah that was probably my problem then it was only about 70 that first day. After that I moved them into the cabinet with my wifi router. They showed tails about 24 hours after that.

But my grow room wasn’t fully running yet. It’s about 78 to 80 in there now. So that may solve that as well.


I start them in a mini fridge that i have converted to a clone/seed box and a dry rack. I do have a mat but dont put my propigation tray on it as i dont have a temp control so i put it in the bottom of my fridge with my tray on racks and if i need more heat than the light and ambient temp provide then i turn on the mat. Works really well


That sounds like a good setup


Im getting ready to go out there i will take a cpl pics for you. I personally think any set up that does what you need is a good set up i just used stuff i didnt have to buy to be able to spend more on lights and so forth