Gelato qb and me!


How is everything with purpngold


Same. Sitting at work (post office) catching up on everyone’s threads. Wishing i had a good buzz rolling. We partyd too hard for MNF


Post office lmao you probably get all kinds of intresting shit roll through there


Im about to send you pm on lab side bro


Hell yea. Sht is crazy af sometimes


So were shooting for Christmas eve. So while santas filling stockings i will be trimming with care. Haha
No but end of week 8 or 9 is dec 24 but i didnt keep good records on this plant flowering. But what i do remember is it started flowering with a wwa. And i found the post i wrote saying the wwa had pistols whick is 1 week sooner than i thought so were either in week 6 or 7 so im not sure
I do know by pistols she looks as if shes got 2 or 3 weeks left and tricomes are just starting to turn milky still lots of clear

Heres the 2 wwa i need to attack and tie down again. Will probably do it in the morning tho

These were last nights pics i will get some fresh ones up tomorrow


That’s a very nice looking cola, should be a monster in a few weeks.


Yup thats Gelato??? My my… gone b a lung collapser


Heres pics from last night


Looking great! Couldn’t ask for healthier plants! Are the scrogged ones ww autos?


@Sirsmokes This journal is AWESOME BRO! Been lurking and taking notes. Started my first indoor grow recently with a QB 260 V2 XL and some gifted gelato seeds. It’s hard to find info on growing gelato online. This is priceless!!! And your girls looks sweeet.

Thanks for sharing!!!


@DaGoose feel free to ask me any questions you may have. But honestly its been a very easy grow. Responds well to top/fim nice growth. Stretch was inbetwee 45 and 55% plant size before 12/12. Very easy grow. I use advanced nutrients and its pretty much grown itself. I will continue to update through flower.
Heres a pic overload

![20181209_002352|374x500](upload://nhsh8WekEMApYIWscQZI5okquzc.j peg)

It goes gelato then gold leaf then the one not flowering yet is gelato then blue dream. Then a pic of flower box then pic of 2 white widow autos in a scrog. The one with polyploidism is in the back and you can tell its canopy is over 2 times the size and its not been topped or anything



Hi @Sirsmokes dude that’s great info! Don’t sell yourself short bro…you can see the love and effort you put into these girls and they are responding nicely. It doesn’t just happen…give yourself some credit!!

Thanks again. This is why I love this forum. Good folks sharing with others!!


Hers some more pics from tonight. With the gelato and gold leaf that are starting to flower im going to post a pic every watering so i can see the difference from day to day


As you can see its still growing in girth. It measured with a taylors tape at 8.25. You can see even the bottom branches are getting nice and plump. Everything is still growing but i suspect were in the final swell.
Now heres the gelato first then the gold leaf then the wwa scrog


Looking good.


very nice buds there @Sirsmokes


Budz for dayz Mister!! Great growing!!!


Those are some fat buds!