Gelato qb and me!


Thank you @dbrn32 appreciate it i hope to get a little more size out of her before shes done


Thank you @basementstealth its a really easy grow. I have done nothing but feed and stripped a few lower buds and sucker shoots


Yea that blue dream sure escalated quickly! My my :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


i have one blue dream bonus seed im gonna try to make seeds from. urs is so nice. is she growing a large main cola? i mean, what does the rest of the plant look like?


The Blue Dream is dreamy but that Gelato is a beast. Whatever your doing looks like she likes it!


That cola could use that bottle as a condom! That is impressive.


Ok @basementstealth this is for you. And the last picture if you get a tailors tape measure the outside od the cola is 6 inches.

I bet it would not fit inside a 2 in peice of pvc


And here is the rest of the tent

Heres evereverything in flower. Thats a gold leaf in the back and a gelato in front right.

And here is my auto and veg space

Thats 2 white widow autos and front left is the gelato im playing with to see if i can increase yield or anything


Looking good!


wow nice girth :wink:


Looking mighty fine


That gelato that got abused really bounced back and has filled out nicely

And the wwa have started growing through the screen and one of the started getting tied down already


Backing lights off some seemed to help?


Heres afew shots of my flower box


Hehehe. Photos of ur flower box… sounds nsfw at all


You lurke for photos of my fb lmao


I do and im not ashamed! Im practically a peeping tom for bud porn


Lmao… I dont blame you!! Somrthing mesmerizing just looking at the buds frost and colors. Very satisfying


Indeed. Almost as (ok nowhere near as) good as smoking em!

How u doing today Ser Smokey


Good today. Other than sitting at work. But atleast i got a buzz and ilgm to keep me occupied