Gelato qb and me!


Heres one for the books. This is ilgm white widow auto. She started to stretch for no reason so i assumed shes starting to make the transition to flower and low and behold this morning her top looked waf weird as fuk so i got to looking and shes spitting out 6 tops


thats some rapid growth!!


Yours and mine look similar with the wide leaves and dark green.

These are from last week end


Very nice. Yea they look similar lol you can pick them out in a line up


I swear this blew dream blew up last night. Looks like ive gave her a shot of steroids

Shes looking extreamly good. Her pistols are kinda a faint pink in person


Heres a gelato that i decided after talking to some very knowledgable folks in the lab, to abuse.

Heres a wwa that for some genetic reason just split and is breaking into 6 seperate tops. Its pretty crazy looking but im hoping it benefits me in flower

Haha had to edit pic in as im high and forgot to post it


That blue dream is beautiful.


Thank you i just hope she continues to swell like she has so far. Shes probably still got 3 or 4 weeks


ho - leee - crap @Sirsmokes That is a beanstalk!! Great plant, great photo too!! Nice work.


What’s the reasoning behind “abusing” the gelato? Better results? Experiment? Thx.


Well there were a couple reasons 1 my canopy was so dense i had to open it up in the middle ans 2 is looking for bigger yields


Im telling you @Screwauger keeping my flowering plants pot wet (as it gets .5 gal a night) has really gained bud mass on this girl. Looks like im going to be using alot more flower nutes


Looking good buddy!


Hey @dbrn32 did you see question on other side?


I think so, just left there


Yes you answered


Heres the blue dream


This is a gelato im trying some training on. Not quite sure what im training her for or how im training her. Just trying to get better yields and decided that i would give this a try


thats really pretty


Blue dream looks really nice!