Gelato qb and me!


Ok here is a run down of my new grow…
I have 2 Gilato seeds currently in h2o and 1 spray of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 Gold Leaf seed in same water mixture.
I will be in coco and perilite about 60/40 coco to perilite, and will be grown in 3 gal fab pots.
I will be using advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom. Will also be running terpinator and bud candy along with big bud and overdrive.
I will be running a qb 320 3500k for veg with a max draw of 385 watts. In flower i will be adding a 2nd qb 320 3500k.
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And anyone else who would like to watch this grow pull up a chair @PurpNGold74


I’m watching. Good luck with the grow!


Thank you @raustin welcome, i always admire your grows from the corner


Awe, thanks. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Sitting, Watching, Waiting…always worth the entry fee!! Good luck @Sirsmokes May the Green Goddess of Ganja Generate Generous Gifts for you!


watching too


And here they are the first photo is the 2 gilato and the 2nd photo is the 1 gold leaf


Yay, they’re off!


Already on the bottom in 6 hrs so tomorrow morning they will be placed in papertowles for 16 to 24 hrs then into a rapid rooter and under a 50w cob. They will remain under the 50 w cob until they start to show roots, which is usually around 48 to 72 hrs, from there i will either put into 4 in starter pots or put in final home, 3 gal fab pot. Really will depend on my plant situation. I should have a free qb by the time they are ready but if not i will put in starter pots until lights free and then transplant. (I only need to buy a week at most) once they are in final home they will have a recover period prob 5 days or long enough for roots to build ( if i place in final home first). Then they will have a short 4 week veg and into flower. I will top or fim early but not to many times as i think i have been doing it to much and stressing them to much into hermi (just a theory i have) and will supercrop as needed. To keep relativly short i would like after stretch to be 3 ft.
But i gotta run gonna rub the wifes feet shes worked about 75 hrs this week and shes getting impatient.


Now you’ve got me wondering what’s going to drop. I’ve got about a week or so to start the process. ILGM


Here and watching, thanks for tag and best of luck!


Yup im here and watching as well. Cant wait to see what QBs can do with Gelato. Bet you outgrow the sales photo :wink::+1:t5:


Haha i just realized my phone has been correcting gelato to gilato so everything is mispelled (i mispelled it once and my phone now corrects the right spelling with the wrong) so all my name to my journal and everything are spelled wrong. Oh well if you knew me it kinda fits.


this is going to be great!


And here is 5 min ago after 12 hrs in papertowel

Gelato ×2

Gold leaf ×1
And all of them tucked into their rapid rooters


Me and theese 3 girls are gonna have a good time lmao now hurry up and show yourself…


Hey @Hogmaster. @Donaldj or @Countryboyjvd1971 i cant take it i know you guys can do certian things in the forum with posts. Can someone please change “Gelato” to correct spelling


Thank you @Donaldj


So i take a small piece of my rapid rooter that i tear off and use it to cover the hole the seed goes in. Well as of right now ive got 2 gelato pushing the piece up and out of the hole. 1 is up far enough i can see the shell and the other has pushed up about 1/16 1/8in. So far the gold leaf has not pushed up any. But it had the smallest taproot af the 3 when i put them in the rapid rooters


I fixed the headline if that’s what you were talking about