Gelato Indoor Grow

New to this Got my seeds from ILGM Gelato #33

Growing in Fox Farm Ocean forest
Light- Viparspectra 300W
Ph 6.2-6.8 I fed her today with 1ML calmag and .5ML grow big to a gal. she does have a few Burns :man_facepalming:t2: Maybe from the Grow big
Shes Onto start Of Week 4 day 28 from sprout
Is it too late to Top or should I wait? She’s onto her 5th node now.

I can use any suggestions or Advice this is my first grow. :candy::shaved_ice::fire: im getting a Optic II Gen 3 COB LED 205W Maybe a Quantom board or what type of light should I get? Under $600 for now…


Looking good @dbrn32 will help with the lights.

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How big is your space?

She’s in a 3 ft by 5 ft . Do you think I should top now or wait ? Can’t seem to make up my mind on this one. She is getting fanned

do not get the Optic II, it is not as efficient as the Optic 1.!!
HLG QB is the best lighting for your money right now, Migro would be next, then Optic 1.

try an HLG 260w XL from GrowersLights .com,
when u see it in action u will wanna replace the Viparspectra.!!
when that time comes simply get another 260 XL.!

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Yes you can top it now. And I recommend it, that way you can try to keep your canopy even for the light

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Thanks I just topped her as I seen this. I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to mess up or be too late.

Thanks I Will do I was thinking about the QB also what would u Recommend for Flower?

we can only see blurple, take your pics under normal ‘white’ light.!!

HLG QB 260w XL with 3000k boards,
if i were using it for germ to jar, i’d get the 4000k,
3000k probably makes better looking buds.

Wooo whoo someone growing gelato! Excited to watch her grow! Best of luck you cane to the right place!

HELP!? Roots are coming out of the Pot :scream::cold_sweat: never seem this before what should I Do!?

transplanted her to a 5 gal she must be doing good she’s barely onto Day 29 since sprout. I’m gonna go ahead and Scrog net her fan leaves to get more light into the new nodes. Her fan leaves have a few dark spots on them I don’t know what it could be …

I wouldn’t worry about those spots on the leaves unless it progresses. Your plant looks great.

What about the white stuff at bottom of fabric pot?? Is that normal

That’s just mineral build up. Its pretty normal for fabric pots. Just make sure to water to runoff once the plant is established in the pot to flush out extra salts. You don’t want that to build up in your soil.

Any idea what this could be??

With the leafs curling under like that maybe nitrogen toxicity? What’s your soil moisture like? Always wet or are you letting it dry out

This is a Update. Her fan leafs are more yellow than droopy now. I went ahead and LST her down she’s doing well. Her top is looking ok. Some of her new nodes are droopy

@Kroncaddycustoms I water her every 3 days I last watered her Thursday morning. Her humidity stays between 60-79 through the day I’m not sure about night maybe gets low I might get a heater for her . I added great white mycorrhizae

Watching. I’m also growing gelato.