Gelato Auto Slowpoke won't flower

My BD is about 15 inches tall. All of it is bud. Looks like a corndog.



We’d love to see a photo!!

I use the mobile view and can easily attach photos from my phone of my progress or lack thereof.

The furthest one along in my current grow is below

I will let the photo do the talking. These was Photo Blue Dream aka 3 of the plants. The front left one is the killer Peach Puree CBD.

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Alot of people here have vast amounts of knowledge of this plant everyone here has given you good responses so far there necessarily isnt 1 good definitive answer to alot of issues these plants deal with or people deal with while growing thats the best thing about this fourm everyone is welcome to answer we dont shame people for not knowing more than the next person we all learn together here


Do you mean all autos will always flower after 60 days? So many people here are telling me differently. So I have no idea.

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It depends on the Auto. Its a crap shoot. I am not a fan of Autos due to they do what they want, when they want. Mine flower usually by the 30th day but others have had them go 2 months and no flowering.

Best advice just keep plugging away. Runts can surprise you at the end. Mine have so far.


@Honeybunny you are frustrated obviously but these responses are from people just like you, not ILGM customer service. Don’t take it out on them that your plant is taking it’s time. It’ll happen when she’s ready and not before. Have some patience and the weed gods might gift you something special. Woo sahhhh

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When did you do that beautiful trim? How many weeks above ground do you do this to autos?

@RubysMom I usually wait till I see the trichomes have like 80% cloudy then take all the leaves I can off and let it finish for a couple weeks.

Oh this one is easy, could have solved this in one post. Your light schedule barley will keep a photo plant in veg and autos require more light. Most grow them 20 on and 4 off.

Where did u get a 14 on 10 off schedule for autos?

Wow that’s absolutely untrue.

I grow autos on 12/12 regularly.

I saw you stated up above that temps now are around 78° but it had been colder back in February. I suspect that, as someone mentioned, the cooler temps in the beginning just had her dragging her feet a little bit. I have had an autoflower who took longer than the rest to actually decide to flower - interestingly enough it was a Blue Dream!

As some have said, it’s not unusual to see an autoflower decide to take her sweet time growing. My own personal theory is stress is the quickest trigger for flowering with autos - something that will tell her “oh sh!t im going to die.” Light schedule is not one of those things, generally, for autoflowers. Things like topping them, supercropping them, exposing them to extreme heat, etc, are sort of what I mean when I say “stress.” I’m also not certain that would do it, but if you want to force flowering and cannot adjust your light schedule (I saw you said 14/10 is where you’re sort of stuck, which is also fine), inducing flowering via external stress would be my approach.

Wish you the best of luck and happy growing @Honeybunny


I just have to be different… my light schedule for autos is 19/5

Then explain how the other one is in the bud, and also, why do they say that light schedules don’t matter. You said yourself that you kept them on 12/12. now it is 20/4? Also, explain how people growing autos outside in natural sun get 20/4. Where do they live, Iceland? And also, why is mine putting out some proof of budding. I have said in numerous posts that I did have pre-buds. I don’t smoke the stuff because I have to think before I post stuff on the internet. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ha Ha, on nowhere on earth does anywhere get 20/4 light. Anctarctica? maybe. At certain times of the year.

And yes. I see your rationale. It could be. My scientific “test” is that the other plant (The Blue Dream) grew under exactly the same conditions, and in the same temps and it flowered within 10 weeks and did everything right. I’ll just wait. I’m still going by what some other person on another forum said – that Gelato (for him) was a 90-day auto. If it is starting to flower now, then in 30 days it should be finished. I am giving the flowering ferts, and it is under the right lights. So that is where I am ending this conversation. No more of this weird light jibber-jabber.

Just cause u do it, doesn’t mean the science backs it up. Not enough light leads to stunted plants sometimes.

Are you actually suggesting to people to grow autos indoors under a light on 12/12? If so may I ask why? Electricity savings? As your sacrificing yield.

Most people do grow autos indoors on 20/4 18/6 that’s a fact, so your statement is the only thing here untrue,

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Outside they have the Sun, a light is no match, I grow autos 20)4 unless they are in with photos which they get 18/6.

If yours are outside and stunted most likely you put them out too early with little uv and cloudy days.

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Just to add to the melee, in my opinion grow lights do not match the intensity of the sun itself so you have to run lights longer than in nature with the sun itself.

For example, I grow by lux numbers for light. The sun is like 140,000 lux but my lights only put out 60,000 at 12" above the canopy. So I am compensating in a way by running the lights longer.

Like others have said, the time to flower depends on a myriad of variables including genetics of the specific plant, temperature, humidity, how much training done, watering/over watering, etc.

Yours will get there eventually. Good luck!

There is so much garbage in this topic I’m not even sure where to start :man_facepalming:



And I probably added to it. :flushed:


I tried, but I don’t think know if there’s a coherent difference between “this is my untested theory” or “here are my personal observations” and “this is a statement I am making as if it is fact” quite the way there should be in many of the posts. It probably isn’t a battle worth having.