GDP to start the new year

All these bud rot issues has me very concerned. Is this more of a southern states issue with the higher humidity? Along with being in tents?

Adding another fan and keeping my humidity below 55%.

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You and me both. I did find one small spot on a bud from tent while trimming them before going into the totes. Tossed the bud. I check pretty carefully so hope none slipped by.


I am a good distance north of MS. The rh in the closet with lights off hit 70 a couple weeks ago. I was surprised. The affected buds must have been in a relatively dead air space. The mold was restricted to the back corner.
55% should be good along with good air movement.


Nope. I’m in the Northeast and outdoor girls started with bud rot this week after a few days of rain :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Took pics of each plant. Supposed to be ready oct 8th. Looks like i should have a good harvest


Plant #3 might be ready now. As i look at the pics close up it has quite a few amber tricombs. What do you guys think?


Hard disagree - the buds have a lot of swelling and growth left to do. I don’t evaluate trichomes until I think I’m within 2 weeks, and honestly that’s all based on bud shape more than anything else.

This is one of mine, she still has a good 4-6 weeks left before she’s done.


The earliest I harvested any photoperiod is 77 days after flipping. Usually closer to 80 - 84 days.

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GDP tent harvest summary…
For reference they were 4 clones pruned to 3 or 4 main stems grown in 2 gallon rain science bags filled with coco and fed Jacks.
It took forever to final trim these girls. A lot of small buds that took time to trim. I have to attribute this to the poor pruning I did. I let the individual stems get too tall and she stretched a lot so I had to bend and crop her more than I wanted. The two in the closet should be much easier - I hope.
The stems and buds have been in totes for 5 - 7 days. Plus the 8 days drying in the tent.
Examples coming out of a tote

A bunch of nuggets

Keep after it and eventually it adds up to something

The spoils. Sugar leaf trim, small buds I didn’t want to trim and some looser flowers I also didn’t want to mess with. It will all be bagged / or put in jars to cure the same way as the buds.

This will get added to the collection

Weight of trimmed buds - 461 grams
untrimmed buds 58g
sugar leaves -70g


Great harvest congratulations :+1:


Congrats on your harvest brother good job! :sunglasses:

Maybe a mistake doesn’t look like over an lb?
Not criticizing I just try and keep an accurate log to compare my grows in case you’re keeping track

What do you have going on for the next grow?

I just showed the last part of the buds. That was only 110 grams in the bowl.
As it is said around here. It didn’t happen if you don’t have a picture

Left to right
150g, 88g, 80g, 143g
I need to order more 1/4# Grove Bags


No. I have enough to do figuring out my own sh’t. Any way, too many variables… Maybe grams per watt or grams per square foot would be are good comparable.

After I cut and process the two in the closet I am going to take a break for a couple of weeks. Actually I should do longer than that. I have 100’s of grams from early 2021 that is untouched. Plus everything in between.
My plan is to grow some ILGM Afghan for a dedicated hash run. Two autopots in the closet and one 5-gallon top fed plant in the 3x3. I am going to try 3 gallon rain science bags in the autopots.

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Yea I just finished taking 2 months off the humidity and temp around here has been crazy up and down hard to control changing every other day Windy city area

Let us know how the auto pots work out I have been thinking about trying them
Are you going with coco in the auto pots?

I also have some in jars in the fridge from 4/21 I tried some the other day and it still the same as I jarred it back then didn’t dry out at all
I started using grove bags after that I think you’ll need the 1/2 gallon for your next grow

I have a few completed with them. They can simplify things so I like to do a couple in them while also growing traditional top fed plants in the tent. I have been 100% coco and Jack’s since mid 2021.
The two plants pictured in post 1039 will get cut this coming week. Wanting a little more amber and hoping it will happen next week.

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Harvest flowers for you brother :tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip: beautiful buds :sunglasses::v::heart:


Closet 9/23 day 80

The above were taken from a sample cut from this bud. You can see the lighter colored spot

One from from Red

This is White

I know what I will be doing tomorrow.


My plants look just like yours!.. in my dreams


Congrats! Great harvest

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Those plants are picture perfect

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