GDP to start the new year

Clone update
6/21 - Tent
I flipped the tent on 6/19. So it is just a couple days into 12/12. I keep tucking the growth under the net and trying to move it to better fill the space. Remember there are 4 plants in 2 gallon bags. Each plant has 3 or 4 stems. I need to do some more tucking and moving

Some of the damage and recovery from super cropping

Visions of colas

6/22 Closet
Two clones in autopots - White and Red
White is doing a better job filling the frame. This is the one I cut the main stems back further than Red’s.

Red is a little thinner on top. It and my hairline have a lot in common.

It will fill in. It will just take a bit longer. I will also be moving the new growth to even out the growth

I have been top feeding them since 6/16 when they went into the frames and trays. Today they were switched over to the autopot reservoir.


So my mother in law gave me this BagOSeeds. She said the are from the 80s and 90s and that her friend had collected them years ago and then forgot about them (such as life goes). Should i plant them separately from my other ones that i already have growing since i wont know if they are male or female seeds. Also what were the common strains back then.

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A couple years ago we came across an old metal film roll container with some seeds in it. No clue how old or what strain. It may have been from late 70s or early 80s. For kicks stuck 4 in the ground in the garden. Two grew. Both were males. This experience got me hooked on growing. I have not smoked since 80 or 81. Sellers would say it is Panama Red, Acapulco Gold or Columbian this or that. Who knows for sure. I do remember a friend with great connections coming up with little black cigars that would rock your world. He said they were Thai.
If you have the space and time, drop 10 figuring some won’t germinate and half will be male. You never know. Then of course if you get a female you need to clone it just in case it is some great strain lost to history.


Looking great my friend… getting my nerve up to super crop the next run :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:

I only have enough room right now for a couple more plants so i put 6 into water to try and germinate them. Ill see what i can grow. Its a lot of seeds so ill just keep plugging away.

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@BigCountry412 yo if any of those show red hairs me and you need to hook up lol. We used to have this bomb azz strain we simply called ‘red haired sinsemilla’. I’d kill to relive my youth lol.


I had to be a little more aggressive than I wanted to be. If I wasn’t I would have needed a tent 2 feet taller and bigger and more lights.
You can see how much abuse they can take. The splits healed in a couple of days with no apparent set back.


Fer sure man. Ill keep posting on how they do. Apparently the lady that had these started saving them in the late 60s. So im definitely excited to get them growing.


Nice find @BigCountry412 - never know - that could be a bag full of pure gold!
Like @beardless said clone any females you find till you know for sure what you got.
That’s like finding the box they stashed in the warehouse at the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark!

Hoping for THE BEST for you!!

When we got the Thai Sticks back in the day @beardless they were always tied with a little red string! That’s how you knew that shit was legit from Asia - ain’t nobody in the western hemisphere putting that much work into weed! Hell we found a dead mouse in a pound of Gold we got that originated south of the border once. And bugs were a common find!


@BigCountry412 long lost forgotten retro grade!! Bring it BC!!!


I don’t recall seeing string. Just that it was dark, almost like hash you roll in the palm of your hand. And a sweet flavor I never tasted before or after.


This is kinda interesting…

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I remember Thai stick being wrapped with very fine thread way small diameter like human hair thickness. this stuff was a step above the usual good stuff( Acapulco gold, Panama red, brown columbian)


Yeah - I think those in the article are the new school ones. The ones we got, which honestly was only a few times, were tied up with a red string bout the size of what you’d find in a pair of cargo shorts. Thinner than the picture, but not as this as like a spool of thread you’d buy for making a quilt, I guess.
Ooh - like the thread on a bag of bird seed or feed corn thickness.But red! :laughing:
I have vivid memories of it because it was a giant step above most of the stuff we were getting at the time.

We used to get this gold weed from Columbia - I assume, it reeked of coffee shipping buffer, and it was awesome. (In fact the summer of 87 was the last we saw of that.)That was the mid to late 80s and some of the last we ever got that DEFINITELY came from down south. After that it turned all domestic more or less.
That’s when the industry started changing dramatically.
The $$$ came into play!
We had to cut that shit up with scissors it was so dense and sticky! It was almost like rolling a joint with straight hash!

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I just had Acapulco Gold a couple months back. It is my favorite and when i went back to get more it was all gone.

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6/25 Tent day 6
True to form, she is taking off

If I counted correctly - 17 colas. There are a couple of couples. Otherwise all are single stem.

Stuck in the back corner

Morning sky around 4:30.


Looking great brother…red sky in the morn sailors be warned. Awesome flowers. :sunglasses::v::heart:


Everyone is up at 4:00 am right?


No im afraid you got me beat by 2 hours…thank goodness …lol


Occasionally my “wake up every hour and pee” routine will start that early if I was in bed before 1am!