GDP to start the new year

What’s your PPM schedule like for your clones? What do you shoot for during veg vrs flower?
I think you told me once before that you varied your PPMs even from feed to feed.
Spill the tea bro! Inquiring minds want to know! And, well really, grow like you!
You have some of the most consistent grows I’ve watched on here man and the results are stellar every time!
I can’t wait to watch this latest adventure grow out!!

One important aspect of feeding these clones is I was not in a hurry for them to grow. I wanted them to stay small as long as possible. It would be months before I would have space to flower in, so I was in no rush. With that in mind I did not push jacks with high ppms and also delayed up potting.
For cuttings through the first couple of weeks ppms 160 - 300.
Next couple of weeks 300 - 600.
Once past a month or so the ppm range was 800 - 1000.
I do vary the ppm levels based on runoff numbers. If runoff is ppm is high or pH is high I adjust accordingly. When runoff ppm pushes over 1600 I’ll back off to the 600 - 800 range for a couple of days and increase volume to create more runoff.
Occasionally undiluted veg. ppm will hit 1100 - 1200. I will use it if plants are healthy with no significant signs of overload. PPM depends on water used and supplements like Bud Candy and Ancient Earth being added. I add Bud Candy to feed microbes (Voodoo Juice, Piranha, FishSh-t or Tribus)
The basic Jack’s formula I am using is
Part A 3.8
Part B 2.2 (well water with high Ca content)
Epsom 1.2

When I flip the clones to flower I will use the 2-2-2-1.2MKP formula with Silica. I like Advanced Nutrients flower enhancers and will add them on top the Jacks. I dilute the resulting mix down to 1000 - 1200. I will vary pH between 5.6 - 5.8 first four weeks and depending on runoff let it rise later in flower. Since two will be in autopots I do not get runoff numbers and will have to react based on visual cues.


I was pleasantly surprised today when I weighted White before going into a Grove Bag


That will make a nice bag of buds.


It’s already a beautiful bowl of buds!!
Breakfast of champions!!




Very nice bowl of goodies right there :yum::drooling_face::sunglasses::v::heart:


Very nice as usual.


Congratulations @beachglass on VMM! Thanks for you do! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


@HappyHydroGrower Thank you


GDP plants are doing good the buds are getting really dense. Just not sure when to harvest, i think i have about 2 more weeks. What do you all think :thinking:


@BigCountry412 still see a ton of white pistols in your pics. May be longer. Imho


Each plant will be different. I cut this one on day 84 from flip and 70 days from actual flowering

The big main colas may finish sooner than the rest of the plant. There is quite a bit of height difference which affects even light distribution


6/21 It’s in the bag - literally

Time has been hard to come by and finally was able to finish trimming the last GDP - Red
It was a nice but small and compact plant. This is it on 6/4 the day it was cut

Buds in the tote - 150g

I will fill you in on the clones soon


Now there’s a pile of deliciousness :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:


Very nice pile o buds!!

What a beautiful plant.

Curious as to your opinion on storing the Grove Bags in 5 gallon buckets with a Gamma Sealed lid.
The lid is off for now while the bags’ rH settles in. After the bud’s moisture content is good, I’ll add some large Boveda or Boost 62% humidity packs and seal the the lid.

It has 6 qtr pound bags with 830 grams in it and it is full. I’ll do another 5 gallon for the rest of it and some Purple Haze from the last harvest.


@beardless i use 5 gal pickle buckets from Firehouse Subs, their buckets are food grade so they have a gasket on the lid rim for sealing tight. I add a couple of the larger Boveda packs and they have been fantastic holding bins for untrimmed bud in waiting. Your idea should work perfectly for you!! :+1:t2:


Firehouse sub buckets range a bell.
Good idea using them for untrimmed buds too. I use totes for the same purpose. This last plant was in a tote for 10 days or so and was in good shape when I finally was able to finish trimming.