GDP to start the new year

Omg gorgeous

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They’re such nice bags. I love mine

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I can’t say for certain the bag has anything to do with how well the one in the 5 gallon is doing but I liked it enough to give them another try. I should check and see if one will fit in an Autopot XL tray

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Beautiful morning so grabbed a few photos of new spring growth.
Eastern Redbud


Virginia Bluebells


That’s beautiful scenery!


Wow! Nice!

There’s nothing like spring time!!


@beardless your grows are always fun. What bright white grow bags they are! Are these bags a lot different than the fab bags on amazon? What makes these different?

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They are Rain Science bags. What makes them different? The material is a plastic coated mesh. Rain Science says they provide better drainage and root zone oxygen. I think both of these are true. My air intake fan blows directly on the side of the bag. Maybe this helps too.


5/14 Tent day 66 - 12/12. 54 actual flowering days.
Trichomes are moving along and progressing to the next stage.

There are more cloudy ones

And a few amber on the sugar leaves

Probably feed 1 or 2x more times at 800 - 900 ppm. The go half that for a few more.
How does two more weeks sound?

Temp & rh. Smart Pro is the tent and the other for the closet. (3x 260’s running in the closet.

Have a few leaners

Can you tell this one had its tip topped

I’ll leave you with little girl


They look really good sir… Out of likes for another hour here :green_heart: :heart: :v: :sunglasses:

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Thanks Appreciate it

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Outstanding and beautiful work brother :sunglasses::v::heart:

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The calyx on those buds look so juicy bro! Incredible work my friend! :beers:


Beautiful ladies


@NUG61 @The_Chef @beachglass
Thank you kindly. It will be a fun harvest.


How exciting :grinning: almost to the finish line, looking awsome

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Got me drooling at all yours buds damn