GDP Stretching alot or not?

Do the GDP stretch mutch if some can give me in inch so she can plan her growspace thanks?

Any plant can stretch. Why Scrog is always a good thing👍

Yeep she now but nows strain grow before how they act if not have change from the grow before.
So that why the question.

Unless you are growing from clone, that is one of the questions we all have! Hybrids will usually show you some things in veg, that will help with determining how she is going to stretch. Do you have some pictures?

From seed it this gdp.

Yee is picture somewere in a other object here under this acount can not found it.
So not today sorry.

Look gdp auto
This was a auto but never start blom so told her do 12/12

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Can`t really tell anything by that picture! The stretch usually ends at the end of week three of 12/12, although some do it longer and some maybe less!

Yes but you ask photo thats all first day in flower.

But no one nows about stretch on gdp thats good just try if some one clue.

I’ll take a guess and say it will double in size

Shit just what I dont want to

Its has start but told her put a net over like info here,and a lose net she can put it out and in like she want.

Here some picture you want.