GDP solo grow first time using Agressive Defoliation

  • ILGM GDP Fem
  • Method: Fox Farm Happy Frog/ Ocean Floor mix
  • Vessels: 5 gal Pot
  • Indoor
  • Light system is Sunraise 1000w led
  • Temps; Day 74° F Night 64° F
  • Humidity; Day, Night Hovers around 50%
  • Ventilation system is carbon filter with fan. Also have floor fan for circulation
  • Fox farms liquid nutes
    Decided to try a diff defoliation technique on this one. She’s doing very well cant wait to see what she does. She’s starting flowering 2nd week. Any advice on the defoliation? Feels like too much. I’m in uncharted territory taking so much. Hurts my soul​:tired_face::sunglasses::seedling:



Your LST and manifolding looks spot on to me. In my non-professional opinion I feel you are right on track eliminating the lower stuff, forcing all of your production Upwards. I would let top canopy fill up a little bit while keeping the bottom clean. However since you stated she has started flowering I would personally start to minimize the rest of my defoliation. I can only give a general reason why instead of technical here, I say that because that is what I have always been told and done. If you can prove defoliation through flowering does not hinder anything I’m game.
Ps maybe just a bit overboard on the defoliation but what do I know? I jumped out of perfectly good aircraft for a living. :joy:


Try to keep that extensive defoliating to a week or so before flower.

Remember these types of high stress training will slow the growth of the plant


Yeah it was deff one of those “let’s see what happens moments” that’s all of the defoliation I’m doing till harvest. I’m still honing my skills trying to find my way lol. It’s been a really strong plant though. She hast given me one issue yet. Seed genetics are truly great. I’ll keep posting as she goes. Thanks for the advice guys keep it coming


Sure hope you cloned those genes!!

Also she looks good and healthy

Next week you’ll never be able to tell you ripped her apart


Looks like too much. People are successful doing that, but you have to look at other variables of their grows too. Your plant already looked a little stretchy, having less green material to absorb light will decrease amount of energy plant can produce.


Yeah I agree. I’m gonna leave her be and give her what she wants. Next time I gotta make sure I dont get caught up lol. I’m learning defoliation is an artform almost lol. Live n learn


She will buff out, may just take a little longer.


2 days since the cut and she’s responding well. I’ll update the photos after the week

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Hi there @ReconBravo , some where in here I saw mentioned a technic where day of lights being flipped to 12/12 they did what you’ve done but they also done it one more time at about 3 or 4 weeks after the first time . They got more weight of flower at the end of it , compared with the traditional methods . Think it was called schwazzing technic . Hope this helps you

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Yeah that’s where I got the idea. I’ve never tried anything like this and I’m excited and a little nervous but it’s all in the name of research lol. She’s doing great. Cant wait to see what she does


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That plant is screaming ‘SCROG!’

Here’s the deal with defoliation; good and bad.

Removing leaves is wise when you have a plant so dense that air and light cannot enter the interior of the canopy. You need to do this to prevent mildew and other related issues. But you want to be judicious about it as the leaves produce the flower. Less leaves; less flower. We do have high intensity light and LED’s help a bit but no comparison to sunlight.

So you have to weigh the tradeoff of removing leaves, reducing production, or risking the life of the plant. Once the plant fully transitions to flower you can go ahead and remove the fan leaves as their useful life has about ended. Then again just before harvest you may want to ‘lollipop’ the plant, but this is done in the final push to harvest.

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It does and I agree. I’m still learning and will implement this on my next grow. Any suggestions and advice is definitely appreciated.


Sometimes is best asking questions before doing things like this. Plenty of extremely experienced and knowledgeable growers here.

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She’s doing great. Next grow I’m going to start a journal first to pick up advice along the way. Had a family tragedy this week. Wife’s brother died so it’s been chaos. It’s weird but tending to this plant has been therapeutic to me. I struggle with loss it just amazes me how powerful and beautiful this plant really is


@ReconBravo I didn’t say you did anything wrong. What I meant was this. I like to ask questions before doing things. To many here have seen it, done it plenty of times.

I prefer to tap for knowledge. Example…I spent $450 on two lights. I didn’t join any grow forum roll Sept 23rd, 2019 and started growing in May 2018. After being here and seeing how many brag up HLG lights and I decided if many recommend it, I better listen and take their advice.

I ended up spending another $800 since I got a hefty charge for taxes. If I would have joined last year, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money.

Did this clear up what I was trying to say?

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Absolutely and I reread what I had said and it seemed more rude than questionable in nature so I tried to remove it. I apologize I think current real life situations resulted in an unintentional mood in my reply. Every opinion shared is truly noted. I just want to be a better grower