GDP Ready for Flower?

I’ve only grown a handful of times and this time I am doing some ILGM GrandDaddy Purple but I am not sure they are ready for flower or maybe they are ready to go…

They started from seed September 6 and I let them mature before I started the veg cycle. Tomorrow will be the end of week #4 veg.

Plants are compact and only about 16" tall but as you can see from the picture they are super bushy.

Its hard to see but they are sitting in 5 gallon SmartPots with FFOF under 600w Viparspectra LED. They are running running 18/6.

The were topped at node 4 and then again last Saturday and appear to have recovered.

Are these girls ready to flower or should I let them get some more length ? According to ILGM they are supposed to be “compact”.


I would wait another week to flip to flower. Just to give them a little height.


Look to see if they are pre flowering, if they are already showing signs. I would swap them they will double in size when they stretch. You got six more weeks anyway.

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Thanks for your responses!!

@Pizmopete I am seeing preflower under magnification.

Should I start flower ?

I would wait another week before flipping to the 12/12 light cycle but start giving it the pre flower nutrients like open sesame if you have it or something like that

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If you switch now, you still are going to get growth. Unless you’re doing some low stress training or cropping. Then wait for more growth. If you want more buds, make more bud sites.

these are mine at day 26. I cropped the tops and multiplied the bud sites.


I’d let them veg a bit longer. Spread them open up a bit as they grow and do some Lst. How tall is your tent? They will stretch.
Keep an eye on your humidity during the last half of flower. The ilgm GDP grows some fat dense buds and boytritis can easily take hold.


Prune and LDS “Their the Mormon’s” your plant to get it more under control before you flip to 12/12

Thanks for all your replies!!

I will let them go another week before flipping them.

What is LDS ?

I figured since they are so compact I wouldnt need to use the SCROG net. Should I use the net ? If so, when should I put it in the tent ?

When should I start to prune them ? @boardsbird your plant looks awesome but i think its much older than mine at least looking at the diameter of the stems. Amazing looking plant!!

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I am seeing a few leaves on one plant turn yellow halfway on the leaf. It’s not many but figured I’d ask now rather than wait.

I do give them CalMag and I check PH so I am baffled. It looks far worse under the LED and in picture.

I see some older leaves and new growth leaves with similar split color.

Any idea ?

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I think LDS are Mormons :joy::rofl::joy:
He probably meant LST (my iPad kept changing it too).

You don’t need a scrog net unless you’re doing a scrog. Some people throw a net in there to try and hold up the buds, but that’s not actually a scrog. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just some simple lst, a little supercropping, and you’ll develop more bud sites. Then Flip the light schedule to 12/12.

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That’s a Durban Poison autoflower planted 8/27 that got FIMed
And LST is " low stress training"
And isn’t that a nitrogen deficiency?

This is the top of the Durban Poison auto starting to flower, See how the bottom of plant would be shaded anyway and any buds that grow down there will dry out to nothing.

Spread the plant out, get all the photons coming off your lights
Don’t flower a plant like this

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How do I cure nitrogen deficiency? My CalMag as nitrogen in it plus I am using Fox Farms Nutrients as well.

Sorry I’m a dumb hydro guy , i’m normally way over nuted. Do you go off the FF feed chart?

Use some Big Bloom, or Grow Big.

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