Gdp fem or auto? help!

This is my first grow. I started 5 gdp fem seeds from ilgm in coco and after about 4 5 weeks from germination one started showing sex and then exploded with white hairs… I’ve topped them all and was doing lst and dealing with deficiencies so idk how or why it’s so much bigger and further along than the rest. I started them off at 24hr light but changed it a week or so before I noticed the hairs and have been running 18/6… I was worried I put it into flower but idk how cause it’s never seen nowhere close to 12 hours of darkness not even once. I’ve asked other ppl online and they think it’s an auto but dont you still have to flower autos with 12 12? I just want to know what I’m dealing with so I can take care of her how she needs to be. Please anybody help me figure this out. I’m already stressed using coco and RO water and trying to fix these deficiencies and get a few more things I need.

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Autos will do what it wants to do. I’ve grown four autos they all were different in size and production. As far as light schedule when it comes to autos as long as they get enough light in 24 hr period they flower when they are ready to. I can’t really come up with an explanation as to how fem seeds could go to flower unless they are on 12/12 schedule. There’s enough experienced people here that may have explanation as to what is happening. @Nicky @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower


Also all of your photos didn’t upload. After you choose Photo wait to start uploading another until you see check mark. Welcome to ILGM forum.


Autos will flower when it’s ready. To my knowledge you can’t force a Auto to flower. All plants need a rest so the general consensus is a 18/6.

@MrPeat he’s saying they are not autos. I’m not experienced enough to know if fems can go to flower other than light schedule.

He mentions Autos several times in the OP. Thus my response. To my knowledge you can’t tell if it’s a Auto and or Fem Photos. Only way to know is if it says it on the package the seeds came in.


Yeah, I had to read it more than once. He said that they are ILGM Feminized GDP’S. I don’t have any idea if fems can go 2 Flower except through light schedule.

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I run a 12/12 schedule and they will flower around the 5th week above ground. My GSC Beast Vegged 3 months before flowering. Now my current jungle they all flowered before the 6th week mark.

@cb7222 I tagged some members that may be able to help. Hopefully someone can provide answer to what’s happening. Could be that you got one auto mixed in with seeds.

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Okay thanks everyone responding…I’m posting the pictures that didnt upload.

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So it’s just one that’s flowering. All plants were kept in same environment.

Yeah they are supposed to be all photos. I thought I could of just had a fast growing plant. Shit I dont even know if it’s technically flowering or not…is that what all the hairs mean? It couldn’t be a photo in veg and just looks mature or some shit maybe…

Yeah just one looks like that… the one next to it is actually just starting to have pistils or whatever showing…like barely but def showing… but they are like 7 weeks old so that would be normal right… the other one had been showing for 2 2 1/2 weeks

I’m fairly new grower also but it looks like it’s flowering to me. Even looks like starting to get frosty.

Do you still have package that they came in. Just curious how it was labeled.


I’m currently growing 3 GDP’S myself. I’ll put pic up of label.

Here’s a pic of fem GDP.

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Welcome to the forums and thus the community, sorry to hear your having some issues with your plants.
Thanks for the tag @Bulldognuts

Short answer:
Those are autos
Sounds like your seeds were mixed up, not sure if it was you because you have different ones laying around, if the order was wrong (thus why bulldog was asking to see your package in order to read the code on it) or if someone put autos in a photo bag.

Autos generally start to flower after 4-5 weeks sometime as early as 3 weeks, so your timeline and the fact your lighting hasn’t been switched to 12/12, 11/13 or less tells us that you have autos.

24hr lights on is not advisable because plants need a down time, even autos, that being said some do run 24hr for the first week or so when germinating but then switch to a normal light scedule.
The most common vegetative light scedule is 18/6 this is because photos need the dark a considerable amount of time yet cannabis is a very light hungry plant and wants lots of light so 18hr is the most you can give a photo while still keeping it getting darkness. when it comes to autos there is no real research but large communitys of strickly autoflower growers (including myself) have been polled and the most agreed appon light scedule is 20/4. This is because autos don’t need much darkness, some argue they don’t need any, while they can survive in 24hr of light it has shown that there is a much higher chance of deficiencies, leaf/light bleaching and other issues when using a 24hr scedule. So the consensus is to truly get the most out of autos 20hr gives your plant more time to get all that light it wants so much whole still giving it a little rest to avoid health issues.

As hornhead said you can run autos from start to finish on a 12/12 or even less, or some other light scedule they don’t seem to care as much BUT… Being that cannabis is such a weed and weeds grow fast they need energy to grow fast, this energy comes from radiation that our lights or the sun provide, weaker lights give less radiation and thus having a weak light on for 20hr could be the same as someone with strong system having their lights on for 12hr.
That being said even those of us with strong strong lighting still push our plants with 20hr and just barely start to see light overload in the forum of fox tails when budding.

If you want we can go into more details about DLI and PPFD Etc but basically your unlikely to light overload most plants if all your other parameters are dailed in, you just still need to provide a rest period for your plants.

Unfortunately I have noticed that ILGM’s autos like some breeders don’t have the most stable auto genetics and that’s why you see some flower in 4 weeks some in 8 weeks and some you need to force into flower. Great photo genetics but unstable autos I find, instead I personally have stuck with breeders who have good reputation with autos specifically.