GDP Auto- To Keep or Kill?

My man, that did the trick I believe. Trying with this message now. Also, pics/post from 7-21-21 posted below. ILGM advised I posted to much and gave me a 16 hour hold time before posting yesterday. More pics from today coming shortly.

General Update: Temp have been running a bit high due to grow conditions, especially with new light that generates about 10-15 degrees extra to grow room. In VA and has been hot lately. Averages from about 78-90 F!!! Hoping that by harvest, the weather temps will drop down. Plants seem to flourish and thrive regardless. Still in pursuit of a method to drop temps down to AT LEASTa consistent 80F, but ideally around 70-75 Fahrenheit. Keeping closet door cracked during day to combat heat. Will start watering Thursday’s or Friday with Growtime Fert when the soil dries a bit more from yesterday’s watering. My champ, Number 1 is doing outstanding!

Good job :+1:

Journal Update for 2-22-21

Plants seem to be growing rapidly still under new light, with my champion, #1 making great strides day after day. At this point, Im rather happy with the progression, but can’t help to wonder how far along my pants would have matured if I was using the Spider Farm lights from the moment that I planted my seeds. Nevertheless, it’s here now and with the support of a kick ass ILGM community behind me!

All is well other than combating a small case of insect. As the sun sets, the pesky little buggers notice the bright light through the crack of my closet door and are almost immediately drawn to it. Although they are growing in an outdoor closet, I’m begin to realize what was suppose to be an “indoor” grow, is now an outdoor grow. I’ve placed a bug zapper in the room and have a tennis rack version arriving tomorrow. Can’t wait to smack em all to their much deserved graves. I’ve also noticed Occasionally, the tinniest white creature crawling around in my soil, but the plants don’t seam phased by it. No plant discoloration, nor any holes in the plant to indicate they are suffering an infestation. Consider applying some Bug Blaster that I got from ILGM, but will continue to monitor the situation before making any rash decisions.

My last water was a couple of days ago, a bit before starting this thread. With the high temp in the room, I check the soil every time I enter and exit from checking in my champs. I last overwatered a bit in attempt to raise the room humidity, but the weather had other intentions and is hanging around. The soil is fairly damp still under the first layer of soil, so holding off on watering for another day or so. Excited to swap over to Growtime Fert, but I feel it’s best to be patient and make a mistake of under-watering vs overwatering. They seam ok for the moment. :relieved:

Today work shift was quite busy and I did not have much time to dedicate to the plants as they normally receive. When taking my progress photos for the day, I noticed my RH has dropped extremely low, down to 37%! NOT GOOD! Considering buying something such as [This (Amazon Link)](neofeel Cooling Fan 5000mAh Portable Air Conditioner with 3 Wind Speed Portable AC 800ml Tank Battery Operated Air Cooler for Home and Office White… but exploring other options before deciding otherwise. I figured it can cool the room somewhat AND increase humidity, but it just feels like a unreliable purchase (and quite small looking).

—Progress Pics—
Last but not least, the pics from today I took after work. The first 2 pics are of my champ, number 1. The following two pics are plant #2, followed by number 3 and 4, respectively.