GDP Auto- To Keep or Kill?

Thought as much, nothing to fret over though, correct?

Got ya, I see what you mean now.

And I’m sure they are. Was due for feed last night, but got late AH and put off until light flip tonight.

Also gotta new microscope with x1000 magnification, but it either really really sucks, or I’m not using it correct with the stand to focus properly. Hopefully can correct to post some close ups soon.

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Microscopes gotta get stuffed right up against whatever you’re trying to look at. It’s a pain but nice to see stuff with that level of detail. Be ready to clean trichomes off your lens. LOL.

Correct, certainly.

With this advice, I just Got a few decent pics of my oldest plant during feeding. Looks like they still have a bit of time to go.


Probably a week-ish. Unless you’re looking for more couch lock, then I’d let it sit for another 2 or 3 maybe.

Glad the advice helped!

Wow, that’s great news! Was thinking I had quite a bit more time than that. I will probably give them until close to the end of the month to get that couch lock effect, will mainly be used for insomnia and to make some eddies!

I’m assuming with that said, I should probably cut the feedings and start the flushing process on my 2 older girls, yea? Feed double amount (2 gal) or straight pH balanced water, correct?

Will be getting Masons and 62% humidity packs soon!

Also start some more defoling on the 2 ladies last night, posting pics when lights flip.

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You certainly can! I didn’t do a flush, I just arbitrarily decided to chop one morning before lights on. Jury is still out on whether that will make any notable difference for me.

I do recommend checking out Grove Bags - there’s a thread floating around here about them. Burpless curing.

They have a “build your own” pack for home growers and it’s pretty cheap. Anywhere from $0.50 to like $1.75 a bag. I got upwards of 80 bags for $30

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Damn good info regarding burpless jars. Will be looking into on my work break today.

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Hey @BuzzedLightyear420 how’s the grow progressing?

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Thought I posted this the other day, but was still drafted :man_facepalming:t4:

Hello one, hello all.
Here with some pics and progress updates. In short, I have begun my harvest. Woke up this week and majority of pistols decided to go orange. Luckily, I was able to flush only 10 gallons prior to the abrupt, seemingly overnight changes. The days are long and busy, so trimming is going super slow, but here is some pics of the damage. Will drop some more pics tonight. Let me know what you think!

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Looking so good! Congrats on the harvest!!! I’m outta likes but I’m coming back in 10 min to burn one on this :wink:

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Thank you @Graysin and EVERYONE else who has assisted me through the first grow! Hit a few bumps but wouldn’t not have made it with out you all!!!

Still a bit left, but found out today I’ve been over trimming ALOT. Sure that’s what’s been making process so slow, but know better now moving forward!

Just order some Gorilla Cookies and AK and will be here to drop on Monday. Time for ROUND 2!

More pics tonight and will post the dry weight in a few days!

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Just finished with trimming all 4 girls down and getting them hung up. The first set of buds I trimmed are almost ready. Maybe another 2-3 days or so.

I also pulled remain stem from their pots to. Heck out how the roots develop and they do look quite smaller than what I expected. To my understanding, they are supposed to stretch to the very bottom of the pot, correct? As you can see in the box below, it appears it might have only made it about half way down the pot.

Is this possible due to the nute deficiencies I was having? Looking to gather better understand for the next round. Any advice or input is welcome!

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VA here too. The 4 plant law seems solid for now. I hope they do amend it in time. Growing 3 Bruce Banners and one red pure CBD. Lucky they all were female. They should allow that you can start mere and keep four to maturity. Yours look great. Give them time.


It’s probably simply because they were autos who didn’t have “optimal” growing conditions from Day 1. It’s hard to nail down exactly what those are so I wouldn’t stress it too much for a first grow. If you have photoperiod plants it’s much easier to let them veg until you’re satisfied with their size, but autos just sorta do it when they want so if they don’t make it to the bottom of the pot, what can ya do?

It may also have been a wet/dry cycle thing. If they were watered more frequently than when absolutely necessary, the roots may not have stretched as much as they could have. I’m not convinced the depth of the roots matters as much as the health of the root structure over all. Yours looks nice and white - good and healthy.

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This would be ideal.

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That’s big facts, hoping they let us get another 2 going soon, for total of six at once. That would be the truth, but won’t complain! My previous state I lived in probably will never allow any person growing (glad o moved, lol). Would love more, but won’t complain…for now :sweat_smile:

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Makes Sense, understandable. They did struggle quite a bit, surprised they did this “well” tbh. Glad I finished through and excited for the next round. Was an amazing journey! Will probably start germination tomorrow, has been a hell of a day today.

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So have not weighed the girls yet, just finished drying and trimming last few branches today. But here is some pics and ideas of what I have so far.

7 16oz mason jars, about 80% full.
1 16oz mason jar, about 25% full
1 4oz mason jar, about 85% full
1 4oz mason jar, that I HAD to smoke before full cure! :sweat_smile:

Here is a pic of them and what is currently curing after last bit of trimming today.

Light really sucked when I took pics, sorry about that. They are super “airy/fluffy”, believe due to my 1st time trimming and realllllly over doing it. Put a big handful on a scale and came back like 1.4g :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Hoping curing will help some, idk.

Will post some more pics in a couple of weeks!

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