GDP Auto- To Keep or Kill?

Looks good, but I’m not much of a FIM dude, tried it once over a decade ago to see it work, which it did.


Thanks for the tags @Mr_Wormwood. @Mr_Wormwood, me to, but we’re all in it together! And TYVM for the response @Hellraiser and @pr (An honor to have your approval :relaxed:).

@PurpNGold74 I deeply contemplated if I wanted to do this in my first grow, but medicated and said “f*ck it” lol. And which plant in particular are you referring to. I honest believe #1 is SUPER stunted IMO. The other 3 are begging to outpacing her with great bounds!

I’ll post more pics tomorrow, but seems like the part I FIMed are bouncing back faster than expected. Thought they would focus all the grow to lower part of plant vegetation.


This poses a question I’d like answered. I know topping changes the growth hormone (can’t think of its name) distribution. Un topped the highest top gets the grow juice. Once you remove it the hormones get spread through the plant and promote even growth among the tops. What effect does FIM have on this process, is it any different? Aside from amount of stress on plant?

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@Docnraq, that question made my head spin a bit, lol. Im not 100% on the science to be completely honest. My greatest comprehension on the matter is that it allows more light to hit bottom leaves and it forces extra colas(sure I spelt that wrong) to grow. My simplistic theory…more branches, more buds. :relieved:

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8-5-2 New Developments !

When feeding my beautiful babies last night, I’ve noticed the first set of (correct me if I’m wrong) “Calyxes” last night. Small white hair that are beginning to emerge from the top stems. To my understanding, this is the early stages of preflowering for Autos. Per my research, I will continue feeding regular Bergman’s Growtime (Veg Feed) Schedule until vertical height stops, then switch over to Flowering nute feeding. Only concern is that are pre-flowering and plants are still hell a small. I’m sure they will start to take of soon, but keeping a close eye. And as always, will report any noticeable changes!


@BuzzedLightyear420 There looking good nice and green.


I think you got it right.

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@Docnraq Thanks for that confirmation. So much reading research with do that to ya! :sweat_smile:.

Also, a quick post before babies bed time. One leafs is yellow a bit. It’s from a bug that was in my plant. The first little f’er I ever caught on my plants. My overzealous parenting instincts kick in and think I zap the plant a bit with the electric fly swatter. Really sucks but she is doing good. Hanging bug tape this weekend.


So beautiful

Thank you @Impatient. Thinking about giving them some classical music soon. Hear that like that! :thinking:



Some more light LST a little while ago. Tied stem back a bit more and started LST for number 3 plant. The 4th, I’m considering doing some LST when It grows a bit more, but might just let it grow on its own accord and compare to the other 3 after harvest. Tops from FIM job appear to be growing back rather well. You can see for some, the cut was a but off, but bouncing back well!

Edit: Pics didnt post, bit of cleanup

Oh man I hate when that happens

I’ve been having problems getting multiple pics to load. Any more than 2 at a time and they do that^^^^^

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Yea, I was assuming it was just uploading to the server slow and it would just take some time. I’ll wipe photos from last post and re up load more latter today.

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actually there is some flexibility in VA, they allow you to germinate up to 6 seeds just in case some dont pop. so it’s clear there was some thought put in, but they forgot all the rest of the nuance in lieu of the slam dunk legislation. hey i’m happy. but i expect more clarifications in the future.


@alexankh Yeah, that would be good. I just read the passing legislation, didn’t actually deep dive into the rules and regs that came after. My state put all the homegrow deets in the bill, but I realize most places don’t want to be that transparent. I’m so glad I have a 12 plant limit. I’m already over 4 :sweat_smile:


8-9-21 First Grow Issues

So the plant I’m posting, number 1 is get some discoloration. Yellow tips and some whitish spots. White spots have been around for about 2 weeks now, but assumed it was nothing and going away. They yellow, ima assuming early nute burn, just really noticed today. I did feed them yesterday, but all had same food (Bergman’s Growtime) and the others are fine. I’ve noticed it has been growing quite slow compared to her sister plants lately as well.

I’m in 5 gal fabric pots with perlite and FF OF/HF mix. Only feed once maybe twice a week and always with Growtime Nutes. Have yet to check water run off, as I have not once watered all the way down they first popped (Fear of overwatering).
Gave more than usual weight of water yesterday, assuming they need more because they are getting bigger.

Next feeding, should I just give it 6.5 pH tap and check run off of the offending plant? With them in preflower, I would hate to give just water and no nutes, but would that be best for next feeding?

Also, the last pic is of plant number 3. Has this white color that has slowly been taking over a finger of my leads over the past 1-2 weeks as well. Any thought much appreciated!

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Over watering isn’t from too much water at once per say. Flushes take 3x’s the volume of your pot in water. Overwatering would be if you watered too often. Repeatedly.

6.5-6.8 check the ppms too in and out. Want that water to be hardened to at least 150-200 ppm.
It’s either this or a 1:1 soil slurry. Dug two inches bellow topsoil. Only way to get an idea what’s going on at the root.

I don’t know for sure about the spots. Kinda look like wind burn, sometimes if your fan is blowing to hard the leaves get lil abrasions on em. Do you have a fan in there, is it blowing to hard? I thought maybe leaf miners or something but like I said…dunno. Wait for a better diagnostician. Got any yellow sticky traps? Put a couple in the tent see if you catch any critters.

I’d be curious to know - those look like large versions of the spotting my plant had - thrip damage from microscopics eating my leaves. If you happen to have a jewelers loupe or a macro lens (camera or phone camera lens) to look at the underside of your leaves in 15-30x zoom, you might see if there are any little uglies munching away. Your spots are so large I almost don’t think so, but probably worth a look to be safe.

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They all look like champs to me!

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@Graysin, I’ve noticed buggers in there often, due to cracking do for air in grow room. Recently redid my setup. Got auto closing mesh screen and hung a couple of fly ribbons. Helps a ton! And I must say that mesh screen does wonders and wish I purchased in day one. Don’t gave a jewelry scope, but will purchase one soon!