Gdp and blue dream autos for the Capt

Hustled today Bro. I’m going to get this garage conditioned if it kills me! Or the the wife…probably both :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nice work! Was that an existing opening or a new one for the ac unit? That should do a good job of cooling everything down. Set mine at 70 and tents run about 75 with lights on. Can you check the temp setting from your phone?

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Cut a new hole, it has WiFi functions. I haven’t gotten that far into. Hope I can function it from a phone app.


That’s awesome I don’t know many people who would just cut a hole in the side of their garage! Did you have to do any framing? We have studs every 16” but building practices are different everywhere. I think you will like being able to control the ac from your phone.

Blue Dreams are looking good. Mine grew the same way thats why I thought they were small plants plus all the research I did saying there a discreet plant. One plant stretched to around 32" and the other plant went to around 44" so much for the small plant thought. Your grow looks great! :v:t3:


The end of another busy day! Figured I would get some updated pics while they were getting a feed. The gdp’s are getting some nice deep purple colors! Buds are frosty and sticky. The blue dreams got some defoliation tonight to improve air flow. They all look pretty good at the moment.


Nice :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I see a lot are getting some nice colors this grow. :grin: Those should really stand out in a couple weeks :grin:


Beautiful Blues brother, it’s rare the true colors to come out in and indoor grow or at least that’s what I’ve noticed and read an article that the beautiful colors we see are typically outdoors. One of my skittlez has some purple hue to it. It’s growing under one of my lights that doesn’t have UV in the spectrum. :thinking::thinking:

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Priceless Bro, Chappell is one of my favorites


Man i love that purple your gdp’s are getting, lucky :smiley:

Here is week 6 update of my 3 GDP and 4 blue dreams, i removed 1 gdp to go in a smaller tent since she was the runt.

These 2 are my biggest plants and they both are GDP auto and in miracle-gro soil in 3 gallon fabrics haha, the other plants are in FFoF and a custom super soil i mixed and still the miracle-gro soil proves it is not shit soil like many forums claim it is. It’s the blue bag non organic miracle-gro moisture control if anyone wanted to know.

the tall girl is 34" and i had to make a net just for HER she was leaning sideways and about to snap something :o


Tent is looking nice and full bro. Those gdp’s are going to be a nice producers! The purple colors on one of mine is really nice. You will have a nice harvest come time.


Got a couple quick pictures tonight during watering. The gdp’s have a couple more weeks. Blue dreams are just cruising along.