Gavita, Fluence, HLG?


Hell yes! Shane and Bruce Bugbee’s works are both great resources on led and growing.

It’s great to have a 600r for that price. But I am wondering how does their heat radiation perform?

As far as I know as a led engineer, the best working temperature for led chip is under 149.0℉, and quantum board is not a satisfying solution for heat radiation. Which could be why they are only providing 3 years warranty even at that price. And the overheating will lead to lighting decrease or even dead led chips on board.

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To be honest, I have yet to turn it on. I bought it for a 4x4 tent that I have not put the tent together. The light itself is heavy. Whatever alloy they’re using is thick. It should absorb a good amount of heat.

The 260 kits I have work great. All The kits have good head sinks with fins.

I will have my exhaust filter directly above it in the tent. If there is a heat issue, this should help.


@Galen there are members here that have boards that are past the warranty, and I have yet to see any burned out chips.


Good to know then! Maybe nice quality quantum board solution would be a choice for small amount of home growing.

I’ve been working on led grow light for 7 years and I always focus on bars solution led. Because I know how low the manufacture price of a satisfying quantum board could be… Lots of quality quantum board light could be done with less than 200 bucks. And I believe bar style led would be the future instead of hps or quantum board led. For its better concentration of light and efficiency.

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I see, I think if you could use 260 perfectly then you may don’t need too much ppf. As long as you could do it with a great yield.

Also, the thickness of alloy doesn’t directly effect the heat radiation rate. The fundamental aspect is the exposed area, which is why most of design is not smooth surface.

Good to know your opinion about HLG quantum board, more than welcome to receive more information from your processing feedback bro!

If your checking bar lighting you might take a look at HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000
HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Lights 5x5ft with Samsung LM301B & MeanWell Driver,Full Spectrum Growing Light Plants Grow Lamp,Dimmable Daisy Chain Commercial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 2.7μmol/J

Got two of these for the price of one of the Gavita 1700e.
Same diodes just different driver. Meanwell vs. Philips.