Gauges & Gadgets

I guess the time has come to ask y’all these 3 questions now.

1.What gauges and gadgets do I need to measure, decipher, to make the correct decision pertaining to soil pH, Nitrogen, water runoff waste, etc, etc.?.

  1. What should all those numbers be, when I’m reading the gauges and gadgets.

  2. Exactly how important is runoff water numbers?.

I’ll be running a 8" Infinity inline fan with 802 CFM with a filter and temp/humidity controller.

I wanna have all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed before my 2 GansterOG seeds go into the dirt.

I have noticed a person can read and read and come up with all kinds of different things, pertaining to the same thing.

I have discovered it’s much easier to come to the forum and inquire from you guys. I have already made numerous changes due to responses from you guys. I have also noticed that many of you agree often to something someone says.

That’s what I call "GREAT INFORMATION*.

One other thing, back to the topic of a intake fan. I can’t quite wrap my decision around this one.
Many say no need.
Many say do need.

I thought a intake fan is always needed for continuous fresh air.

The custom built insulated wooden grow room is:
H: 6’ 10"
L: 48"
W: 38"
Which means maximum plant height availability is 4’ 4".


if you’re running an 8 inch Exhaust fan, you shouldn’t need a intake fan. Open a pass through hole at the bottom will pull fresh air in with Negative pressure inside the space.


I’m trying to respond to kellydans directly.
I’m not sure if I’m doing this right or if it still goes thru the forum. I don’t see anyplace to put the @ sign and then the name.
Anyway. I’m not understanding what your suggesting that I do.
Put a hole where?
Put a hole in the fan? I’m not sure I Wana put a hole in a $229.00 new fan.
Put a hole in the plywood wall that’s insulated and 5 inches thick?
Hole? Where? How?
The 802 CFM fan is gonna push air thru 25ft of 8inch galvanized pipe at a upward angle till it goes inside a chimney that hasn’t been used in years, and air will travel up 32 feet above ground level.
How can a exhaust fan that’s sucking air out of a room, be pushing air in at same time.
I don’t understand what your suggesting.

You just type the @ sign followed by the name (no space) right in the text @GodfatherOG
It still goes thru the forum and posts right on the thread, but the user gets a notification, like you should get about this post.
You might be able to still edit your above post and just add it in somewhere…


I don’t see any place to type that in. Does something else need to be clicked on to make the spot appear so a person can type in the @ and then the name.

You don’t “enter” it anywhere, you just type (or text) it like all the other words.
You typed the @ symbol right? So just type a name after it.

Can that be done on a cellphone? ILGM support told me there was no logout button on a cellphone. And could only logout on a computer
But yesterday I discovered a logout button for cellphone.

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@GodfatherOG this is sent from my cell. (A Galaxy S7, so nowhere near new)
…and now I’m editing from my PC.
There’s even a pop up that should appear once you type the @ symbol with a list of available member names that have posted on the thread you can respond to… or just type their name if popups don’t work in your particular situation.

It looks like this when I’m entering it on my phone

or this for the popup of names:
Screenshot 2023-07-22 073014

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So are you saying that all I do is type the @ then the name with no space at the beginning of the sentence in the reply line?.
I’m using some kind of junk phone purchased thru a crap phone company years ago.


@Bubbala So did this work correctly

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@GodfatherOG Absolutely perfect! :grin:

And it doesn’t have to be at the beginning. Anywhere at all is fine. Mid sentence, at the end, doesn’t matter.

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@Bubbala Wow. Communication is a amazing thing.
Thank you


No prob! Good luck with the grow!

@GodfatherOG yes
You jut type @…. Then a name

As to “hole” in tent…
It should have vent holes like for running venting hoses through. There should be many, both low and high.

Exhaust fan should be venting out top of tent( rooftop vent “hole”

If you simply open one of the vent holes at bottom, that will draw in fresh airflow without need for an intake fan

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@GodfatherOG The Exhaust fan will serve as pulling air out and also pulling air in when you open a hole at the bottom of the grow space. You can put your hand at the hole and feel it pulling air in . And at the same time, negative pressure inside will control odor.
Hope that helps

Seeing as how you have a custom built insulated box, you may need to add some of the intake vents the others have mentioned. Don’t know how you built it, but all that vented air has to come into the box from somewhere.

Ahh, there we go
I did not see this was custom built box

Ok hole at bottom to draw fresh cool air in, hole at top to vent hot stale air out

Simple as that… sounds like you might have to punch a hole unless you already have an air intake (at bottom preferably)

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@Bubbala @kellydans @Mr_Wormwood
About that custom made box I have. It is actually a Earthquake/Tornado/Gunfire Safety Shelter. I built it years ago. Built out of 6 x6’s and 5x5s. Then I added extra stuff to keep it from shifting diagnoly. Then, around the structure are concrete walls 5 feet high by 8 or 11 inches thick.
Inside the safety shelter it sits two steel chairs side by side.
Then one day recently I decided to grow some GangsterOG in it. 2 plants.
So then I got a bunch of insulation and more plywood and installed that INTO the Earthquake/Tornado/Gunfire Safety Shelter.
And I was able to do all the interior work without changing anything to the design.

So what I have now is a Earthquake/Tornado/Gunfire/GangsterOG Safety Shelter. (very rare, only one like it in the world)
So, I can’t have any errors or mistakes in how I do the grow.
One of the forum members suggested I change the wiring plan I was gonna go with and change it.
I’m now changing the wiring schematics to 2 four way boxes each ran on a 20amp fuse.
The wiring gets done next month.
I’m taking the schematics of the plant grow items slowly and carefully thought out.
I know nothing about growing weed
I look to the forum for advice.
I don’t want to misunderstand some advice and make a error.
There is a enormous amount of time and money spent building that box.
I’m also going to be taking one of the 13 cameras I have on the house, and put it on the box, so that I can monitor the box in case a fire breaks out.
I also suffer from OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). So I overthink everything…
I thank everybody for their input.

Hey, Infinity just notified me to tell me about something different they have. They call it a Filter Box Merv 13.
What’s your thoughts on it?

Ok, so the “box” is actually an underground safety shelter. What kind of air exchange does the shelter have? I mean, if you were going to close yourself off in the event of an emergency, is there some way to get fresh air down there? Whether it’s a tent, or an underground shelter, in order to exhaust air out, air has to come in from somewhere, either some kind of “intake fan” blowing it in, or just a lot of vents to allow air to be sucked in passively.
As far as AC’s filter box, I’m unfamiliar with it, but looking at it in their store, it looks like just a nice box with ducting connections and a furnace filter in it. I assume it’s as well made as AC’s other stuff, but it’s just a particle filter that won’t stop odor.

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