Gas lantern grow method

I’ve been gone from the forum for a couple of years due to my retriever breeding business taking up so much time I just stopped posting. Recently I’ve been thinking about all the help I got from many people in both the lab and this forum. All my grows are as good as they can be considering the plants genetics. I’ve spent several days catching up on topics and I noticed that very few of us are using Gas Lantern method. I used to grow 20/4, 18/6, 14/10, then 12/12. I switched to gas lantern (12 on, 5.5off, 5.5on) during veg. Normal 12on 12off during flower. I run a flood table and I’ve not seen any difference in my yields at all. I think the plants respond better to this schedule than 18/6. It was @Not2SureYet that I saw using it back then. I think it’s a great method that saves a bunch of very expensive electricity. My wife and I am on social security and we are getting hammered with everything going up…including electricity!

Sometimes the genetics are great

Sometimes not so much. AC DC is not an ILGM strain and sometimes it’s 6 zips. Not this time.


Very nice looking plants and welcome back. :+1:
I’ve been running 6/2 for veg.
11/13 for flower.
Veg plants seem to grow quite a bit faster and for me extra heat is needed in the winter. So the 2 hr off time keeps my room temps more stable.



What kind of retrievers?


Goldens…dark goldens in particular. Like bush’s baked beans dog. Even in these rotten times, they’re sold before they’re born usually.


Yeah, I can flip at one month and the growth at that time is around 2 ft. I don’t count the first week under the dome. As soon as it hits 20", I start tying them down at 14" and it’s on from there. Thanks for the welcome back @Oldguy. I just can’t see why anyone would waste the hours of light especially with mostly indica plants that I mostly grow. They get about 14 hours max a day sunlight in their natural environment. I haven’t noticed much difference with autos either. Maybe a zip or so under 18/6. Have you compared yields with 6/2 and 11/13? Mine actually got better at 13/12 than 18/6 and I cranked the lights down from 50 watts each plant at 4" to 175 watts in flower to try to match mountain valley lighting scenarios where these plants parents mostly grow. I used to run wide open at 900 watts but I don’t want that ridiculous growth cause I only grow for 3 people. Anyway…electricity has gone up a lot lately and I need a break anywhere I can get it @Oldguy



Absolutely my friend. Same here.

Sort of but nothing written down. Not enough difference really to warrant leaving them on longer.
I’m running 2 600 w hps to flower with , in two 8 in vented hoods.I Just leave them turned up all the way and at the top.
Noticed they don’t droop before lights off when on 6/2 verses 18/6 where they get a bit tired looking bout an hour before.
Hope you have a good one brother. :pray:



Yep…lot less stress. You have a good one too. See ya around I’m sure.

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This old girl is our third.


They are the only dog I’ve ever seen that will not bite unless severely abused. I wish ours would get that old, but they don’t get past 12 for some reason. They are fed top food and we live inside their kennel which is our house

This is only 3 of 5 females.

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