Gary’s first problem(s)

I have a couple of yellowing leaves, and some small brown spots

Neither is severe yet but just popped up this morning

It’s in ffof and the run off tested at 2200 (2.2 actually). And water going in is at 6.4 ph

Any ideas. I’m fairly certain it was not overwatered. Under might be possible. By the way the leaves do feel dry and almost leathery

Do you have pictures

Lol oh yeah…

She is wet now from collecting runoff

I think thats magnesium or calcium issue. Did you ph the runoff?

I’ve never been good with identification of nutrient issues but what is the pH of your runoff? I have had a couple of instances of pH lockout and nitrogen, calcium and magnesium deficiencies. Isn’t your soil the type that is supposed to feed for a few weeks? Does the soil manufacturer recommend anything additional?

Is the 2200 ppm or EC?

Just checked out the FFOF information. It says enough nutes for 20-40 days. How old is precious Gary? Maybe she is hungry?


I think that’s it she was born on July 3 so she’s over due. Jacks is shipping but will be here probably 17th😱

you can always use organic means to add these elements whilst waiting for your shipment…and you probably have them in your fridge :wink:


Any suggestions

I have some more ffof soil I could top dress it with to get me by if you think that would be enough?

Cal mag should be here tomorrow

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Yea you’re solid until tomorrow with the soil being so rich….anything I would’ve seuggested would take awhile breaking down anyways like eggshells for instance

Yeah I think I’ll be good till cal mag gets here

That stupid Amazon jacked me on my 1st order and I had to re order it all which delayed me getting my nutes

Of course they did

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Almost missed this since its not in your journal… What was the PH coming out? TDS is pretty high still coming out, not sure I’d start Jack’s yet.

I forgot to test ph coming out :disappointed:. I dumped it after I got the TDS which said 2.2 which I also thought was really high for ffof at 2 months old

I’m using the apera EC60 and mode set to tds that part sounds right, right? I’m not sure why it’s so high still except I’ve been pretty sparing with the water in general

How much runoff are you getting typically? The plant wouldn’t have been consuming much in the early stages of growth when she was off to a slow start so assuming you also weren’t getting a lot of runoff early on then it makes sense its still has plenty of good stuff in it. I think I went about 4 weeks or so in FFHF and OF is fairly substantially hotter from my understanding.

You have any distilled water around? I’d start with a slurry test. Get the TDS & PH measurements of the soil and lets go from there.

Remind me what your readings are / the type of water you’re using to water her? And also how much runoff you’re watering to roughly for your regular waterings now?

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Literally have only watered to runoff twice once there was minimal runoff (not measured as it was still in first month of ffof) and yesterday which had the TDS reading of 2.2 so either it’s retained a lot of the nutes, or I’m doing something wrong with the readings themselves

I will try recalibrating meter tonight just to be sure that’s not it

I could water to runoff again tonight to get that ph out reading

Water I’ve been using is tap filtered through a PUR brand filter, ph ed to 6.4

Do you know the TDS reading of the tap going in?

The plant is well established enough that you should be following wet / dry cycles and watering to about 20% runoff on a regular basis now. I forget, 5 gallon pot? She’ll probably take somewhere between 1/2 and a gallon per watering and look for about a solo cup or so’s worth of runoff. Without that you’ll start building up salts in the soil.

Don’t worry about runoff again at the moment, do the soil slurry with distilled, get the readings and we can figure out where to go from there. The slurry test is going to give you very accurate readings of the soil itself which will be helpful at this point. If you’re not sure how, lots of resources on YouTube or in here. Very simple, painless, and accurate.

Also, when you get a minute, post up some numbers from your tap water out of the PUR filter. (don’t bother PHing, just post the straight readings so we can see what you’re working with.)


It takes a village to raise a Gary!


Ok ph of tap through pur filter not adjusted



TDS 320

I’ll get distilled and do a slurry test this evening

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It does take a village doesn’t it :grinning:


@Mr_Wormwood Just echoing @CygnusX1 good advice - a soil slurry with distilled water is going to be your best bet here. I just went through similar but maybe in the reverse. I up-potted a plant who was so starved she ate all the nutes in my FFOF in about a week. I still can’t believe it. It seems like yours was hesitant to start munching but I bet after next watering and those salts are flushed out, your plant’s gonna thrive.

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