@garrigan62 pro mix recipe. Please help

@garrigan62 you gave me once your pro mix bx recipe. I can’t find it can you please give it to me again. Im done with ff soils.

Ok …coming right up…lol



There is a post Latewoods favorite soil recipe it is a promix bx mix

What should I know before buying more ffof ? I had good luck with mine but I only watered until almost bloom I have actually been wanting to try something not as hot and more under my control . Why are you done with ff ? @Soilgrowth

I just dont like how hot they really are. I saw a pro mix and a ff grown side by side in person and it was crazy difference. And one yeilded 6 ounces in ff same strain in promix bx 14 ounces. Dry cured. @Oldstoner


Well that would convince me to this is my first go round and the ocean forest made it pretty easy but I think I want to know more of exactly what is in there so it is easier to follow a scheduled grow . Every time I added anything till bloom was on the edge of to much. Good luck on your grow

I disagree that fox farm ocean Forest is ‘hot’, these are my seedlings in it right now

I start all my plants in it and never had a problem, but I do appreciate what you mean about having more control as to when to feed …jmo :v:


I have seen more ph problems with foxfarm soils.

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What type of strain. Reg, fem, auto?

All those, I use it for everything

Thats good. I wish some people had your luck.

Im going to do a promix and a Canadian soil made for cannabis comparison. This is the 420 mix i just bought. 2cuft 36$ almost 14 gallons for that price

. And im trying to find best one bag soil for autoflowering. I have read more then 200 articles on 15 different soil and types of growing media. So far down to 4.


I understand that. I never really had problems. I was just saying it does hurt the yields of plants. Get more with les. And there soils are plague with nats and other little insects.

I got to agree I had tons of gnats but I put a couple of high velocity fans on the floor and I haven’t had one in months so I’m just going to keep them going! :v::slight_smile:

I have that same recipe book marked but honestly I want to do as little as possible I’m too old now LOL …or maybe lazy is the word

  • good luck!

I got to visit a legal grow business. They used only promix and this 420 mix. I started to ask questions. And they had 8000 square foot indoor soil grow with drip line . They say ff soil are designed for old ladies to grow vegies in. The said. If a good soil had branches or things in unrefined soil it will alway slow down the process of the plats flower growth. And 2cuft of his 420 mix weights like 4 or 5 lbs. Its super light.


I couldn’t agree more that’s why I mentioned that I’m lazy ! lol …works great for me and I hear it’s very popular too ?! :v:

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Dont get me wrong the ocean forest did a good job for me and i may have got lucky on gnats mine had a spider mite issue early and when I transplanted them I mixed in about 4 cups of DE . In with the extra perlite for every 4 gallon pot then sprinkled it on the top of the soil . It will go in every soil used for prevention when I grow


I had gnats and mites in hydro so don’t believe everything you hear my friend it’s a good soil, I think the trick is don’t feed until your plants let you know they want to eat

that’s why people think it’s hot because many people want to force-feed plants, just read in these threads people trying to pump 100’s of ppm into seedlings !

Then they blame the soil rather than their own error, at least I suspect that has something to do with it :wink:


99% cannabis growers all over the world cant be to wrong. Or they would use ff soils. No professional grower would ever use fox farm soil . There are so many soil out there cheaper and designed for cannabis.

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And this 2cuft bag of prograde soil is $36. This much ff over 175 dollars. On average. That alone can make sense. And it is designed for cannabis.

not for tomatoes ,letuce egg plant ect . Which it has a ph balance of 7.4 whith a water balance of neutral 7.0 the pour two cups of water in a boil one cup of soil. Mix well and you will see the ph will go up to 8.0. That right there is problem