Garrigan62 had a BAD Accident

To all the member"'s on both sides.
I had a bad accident the other day crushing my left hand. I’m still going to be here. Nothing will stop me from being here but I will be limited to what I can do.
I mean it hurts " BAD " :cry: so please bear with me idurning this healing period…

Thank You All for your understanding



I hope all is ok. Take care of your hand.

Best of luck on your recovery

That sucks dude! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Thanks guys…l shall live. ! lol


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Garrigan62 don’t do that again dude , you not suppose to keep your hands there dude.

that suxx G… grow you some Jack, its supposed to be great for pain.

Take care of yourself my friend, and take it easy also, <*)))><{

The only question I have is… is ut your dominant hand?

It was my left hand. It swollen this morning .looks twice the size. :cry:


I know yoshi bit it was.
It won’t happen again !


Good luck on the healing process Will.

Sorry about the hand. Hey if you ever get back To Federal Way WA, let me know.
Its very weed friendly around here now. We could have a smoke and chat it up.

Damn Will, I’m sorry to hear about your hand man! I will make sure to send some healing vibes your way!

Hope you feel better soon🤕

Hope you’re able to play with your soil, water and plants. Heal.

@jeffro ,

Oh that day is not the a t far away. I have alot of friends back there. So don’t be surprised.


Thank you Duke1,

All my friends here have been taking my pain away with it all there kindness.


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I still have one hand. And my girls will be just fine.
And Thank you !



Thank you my friend. I’ve been soaking my hand in Epson Salt. But its still swollen
It’s going to be sore for awhile.


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