Gardyn growing system newbie

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie here who recently purchased a Gardyn system last month. I currently have 2 plants mixed in with my vegetables and was wondering if anyone here has experience with using the Gardyn system or would happen to know if I can use the Gardyn nutrients on my 2 cannabis plants. I did purchase nutrients when I purchased my seeds so was wondering if I could also use that same food in the water tank to feed my vegetables since whatever I put in the tank would affect everything in the system. Sorry for the dumb questions-I’ve never grown anything before as I’ve always had a black thumb.

Thank you so much for any input and tips!

I would use a product that is specifically designed for cannabis plant needs like Jack’s, GH, or AN.

Looks like an interesting system. Pics as you progress would be great to see. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone use it here.

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Thank you so much for your help! I did try to look in the search bar for others who may have posted about the Gardyn but all I found was one brief mention of it. I will definitely post progress photos.

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Hi there. Welcome to your new happy place :blush:. hope you don’t mind if I tag along with your progress. Never heard or seen this. Have fun

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