Gardening injures!


woops!! so i was splitting a bamboo stick with my utility knife and slip! sliced my fingers open :cry: and i wasnt even hi lol


That’s why it’s called dope, not smart. But boy oh boy, it sure looks as if it smarts


I usually just leave cuts like that every time I get stitches it makes worse scar than just left alone but never fun either way


My wife tells me I should own stock in super glue. Works great, plus it burns the cut so I figure it’s gotta be cleaning it to. Don’t listen to me kids, go see a professional


Ouch . Just watch for infection later .


Little bit of paper towel and some elect or duct tape is how I roll too lol.
Stitches are worse than the cut


We have a rule at work anytime we work with tin someone is going to get cut usually me I just grad the electrical tape out of my lunch box beats raiding first aide kit which requires paper work and a restock every time


Oh I hate working for companies like that but that’s where the money is. I lucked out this job I don’t play with very many sharp instruments lol and lucky 98% of everything I lift is with a fork lift or a hoist


Not many injuries all though we did have a maintenance man loose 3 finger tips Monday messing with rare earth magnets. He got them to close and they smashed together on his fingers. They are so strong that once they lock you can’t seperated them


I have nails turn in my hand every couple of weeks or skid on flashing tin so have horseshoe cuts which turn into callus every summer. Roofing nailer doesn’t work with asphalt underlay it over nails and the wire from the coil actually can create leaks on flat roof so I hand nail.


i did ask about super glue but they would hook me up! but i did feel like dope thx horn head haha


i the doctor here in australia said if i piss on it everysay it would get infected… lol


Hanging drywall often led to some bad cuts. We just packed the cuts with drywall dust and kept going.

This cut happened while I was working at a charcoal plant. Clearing a clogged drop chute, I encountered a worn through sheet of stainless steel that cut me to the bone…

Yup, packed it with charcoal dust and taped it for the rest of the night. That’s what caused the dark line in the scar.

Home remedies…


Cobwebs work great also!


for putting in cuts? cobwebs?


That’s right!


is your name peter parker becuz my spidy senses are tingling!! lol


Hahaha lol, ya never know
Could you imagine swinging through the city on a Web without being high?
But yeah the webs work great .


sounds fun, where did you get the idea?


Can’t remember if I read it or saw it on some program,but it stops the bleeding and is supposed to be anti-bacteria?