Garden State Garden 2020



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Still smells like blueberry bubblegum heaven :heart_eyes:

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@Green707Thumb with this years blue dream doing 1000 times better than last years, I may have found a blueberries something to chase…


Feeeeeed lol, looks like a decent three-headed mini monster to me

“Stop clicking, you don’t have any likes dumba$$” lol

Time to defoliate those bushes a lil more! Fans are pretty but they are bud-cock blockers and absorb energy/nutes - start at the bottom branches and thin the fans from the trunk out to about the third branch node if you havent already - then pluck 3-4 fans hanging in front of bud sites every other day for next couple weeks :call_me_hand:

I do feed, last time I watered and fed was Monday. Is it still possible to over water?

So maybe using snips to cutnthe fan leaves out was not the way to go about removing fans, on my first plant a lot of rotten areas had a fan leave remnant that had rotted and gotten to the calyxs right beside it, and i would image it spread from there…

Absolutely lol - sorry man i was saying “Feeed” more in jest when you asked “what should i be doing special”

I could have said burn one in front of her so she knows her fate at least, only fair… :laughing:

:+1: I’m new to this

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In that case i’m gonna stop being a douchebag and start helping you!

If you last watered Monday I highly suggest watering again today, youre in a 1 or 3gal pot correct?

Mind sharing some other specs of your grow? Strain/soil/nutrients/location etc :call_me_hand:

Looks like you’re using some DE for pest management?

Nj grow. 5 gal pot girls scout cookie soil nothin special was just curious. Didn’t mean to waste your time

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Heres the difference in qe vs dry trimming…

Left wet trim / Right dry trim, flash on to bring out the crystals :crystal_ball:


Not at all, we all here to learn n have fun right?

Outta likes broski but gotta like the dry trim yea?

What are your thoughts :thinking:

@Green707Thumb omg dry trim from now on, I just put some in the bong and it was like I got hit in the face with a kief topped bowl, was so good! :crazy_face::heart_eyes:

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All the leaves either plucked or crumbled off too it was WAY easier than wet trimming

40 degree low last night and for the next 2 nights in a row, these last few weeks are really gonna be a nailbitter!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: