Garden in my yard

Ok people have been talking about a garden fourm. Well has any ever seen a green jalapeño plant produce a red jalapeño

If you them on the plant long enough they all will turn red


It started red. All the other ones are huge.

But ill try to leave some on longer . It is 3 or 4 times hotter then the rest.

fairly common… good peppers…just don’t let’em be the closest thing to ya if the munchies come calling


Never seen one start out red myself .
Mother nature at work

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I should have taken a pic at first notice. The preflower was discolored… looked to be dieing. Then came back. It is a 1/3 of the size of the other ones its age.

So you understand hiw hot this f&÷>ing thing is?

dude,…I’m from Arizona,…where pepper eating is not only a snack food but is also a sport. most of my life I have preferred hot wings that would make most grown men cry like little girls… used to sprinkle habanero sauce on my chips right out of the bottle… but I have come across some red jalapenos that would pop a mans heart if he wasn’t prepaired for it, lol.


My wife said she couldn’t handle them and she was sweating so bad. I love hot food not spicy hot. And yes i was not prepared.

lol I grow marijuana nice pepper :sunglasses:


so do i.


good job that’s what I like to see :sunglasses:

What strain is this ?

Amnesia haze…