Garden fabric or plastic sheeting?

Figured this would be the appropriate category to post this as I’m inquiring about a veggie garden and also my “secret garden”! :grin:
Has anybody covered their whole garden with either of these and what were your thoughts???

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I actually ise the garden fabric all the time woeks great to keep weeds down
And it allows root to capillary feed if your in pots or rasied bed
If your in the ground cutting holes where you plant and the rest will prevent weeds as well
All good @Beans
Happy outdoor growing season
Its almost here for me as well woohoo


Yes. I’m getting ready to do another area as soon as my neighbor can scrape & level it. Then I will plant most of my corn & watermelons there in raised beds. My first area will house my small greenhouse for autos and surrounded by tomatoes and flowers.


i ve used both but i use a biodegradable black “plastic” that work well it retains moisture much better and no need to remove it

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