Garage growing is chance of success low

Growing in my garage is my only option so please advice only for garage don’t waste time your asking what about here or there not trying to be rude any where else is out of the question. This is the supply I have 48x48x80 secret Jardin tent a 150 and 400 watt HPS lighting my garage is a two car attached to the house with two main garage doors that open and a man door in the front and in the back and one window in it. it is uninsulated except for the side that attaches to the house. I live in the northern climate let’s just say Lake Michigan isn’t very far from me. is it possible for it to be successful in the garage? also what kind of ventilation would be needed and where should I vent to? I am brand new to growing indoors but have grown outdoors on many occasions I know this is a whole different thing so any advice or guidance that anyone could give me I would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance

Personally if you can I would just vent it into the garage if possible that way you can detect a smell problem before any neighbors.get a 6 inch vortex fan and charcoal filter for exhaust and a 4inch booster fan for intake(if needed).you want the exhaust fan to be bigger or pull more cfm’s than your intake so your tent don’t balloon out some

And you probably will need a intake fan to cool your light

Thanks for the info bro. Would I just pull that air from the garage also for intake? Also on cooling the light so does that mean I need to use the fan to push air from the outside to the light. If you don’t mind let me try and see if I got this right in my own idiot terms lol my tent where the light hangs has vent holes to the right and to the left at the top so I would use those two for cooling the fan and then there’s a much bigger hole in the top of the tent I’m guessing that for the hot air to go out the top and then there’s two more holes on the right and left at the bottom of the tent those would be the ones I would use to suck fresh air into the tent. Thanks in advance bro

I will tell you I’m a beginner also so when I was doing research I typed in grow tent setup in Google images and it gave me a whole better idea,I saw people using the air they are pulling through the filter for smell to cool the light before it leaves the tent,I saw people who had a fan for the light and one with a carbon filter for the smell,so try to find some images of other people setup,it will help alot,also you may need a filter for the intake fan for modes spores,spider mites and such,some need it and some dont.I would definitely wait to see what some of the more advanced growers have to say on the subject.their awesome and can give all the right info needed

Sorry I forgot to answer one question,if your garage is a cool enough temp most of the time like 70 to 80 degrees then pulling air from their shouldn’t be a problem unless it’s really dusty an dirty air in which case I would definitely advice the intake filter

I’ll do that thanks a lot cash for the tips much appreciated

Johnny are kidding me I think that’s awesome, My mind is in full gear brother…lol
Is there a ceiling or not?
if there are vents in the ceiling cause that would be a perfect place to vent heat and smell.
You see you got me going…lol that’s just for start’s
Think about it you have or could have a perfect setup
You can use a stand up fan to bring in fresh air or one of your bottom vent holes using 6" vent fan and the two top vent holes using two 6" exhaust fans run 6" venting pipe right to your vents. That’s what I did in the spare room ran it into the addict worked out great


Bro that’s what I wanna hear!!! While your mind is going tell me everything that comes to your mind… there is a ceiling but not dry wall just some things reflective insulation shears stapled up… But I can tell this is your thing this is what gets you going because you know what you’re talking about so bro tell me everything and anything you want as far as to helping me do this I mean anything from germination transplanting strains soils fertilizers lights I’ll take any info I can get. thanks again bro ( ps I can’t keep dropping house payment style cash just for some average shit anymore)

Reflective sheets of some thin insulation

I can see we are going to get along real good should be fun…lol
Oh ya I got all kinds of links of stuff you will need.

OK first up here is a link to the exhaust fans you have to have.

scroll down to the 7th item that’s what I have I have 4 of them.
then you could go to Home depot and get the 6 inch vent tube it don’t cost much at all place the two exhaust fan so that they are sucking air from the tent and connect the 6 inch tube to the fan with duck tape and the other end push aside the insulation and slip that pipe right up in there…presto venting complete…lol
Its likr iem seeing your garage in my mind…lmao

Will P.S send me your e-mail and i’ll send you my complete guide on sick plants its in ARA formate winzip will unzip it

I’m a first time grower. 5x9 Gorilla, 2-600w & 1-1000w. I have15 lovely ladies blooming In here with 2-16" oscillating and 1-8000 BTU ac from Home Depot that I modified. Proper ac wasn’t affordable. My buddy whom also grows has an HVAC business so his expertise keeps the temps at 78° Max. DO NOT VENT INTO THE GARAGE. I was doing this and my buddy reprimanded me. It’s not efficient and will deplete precious CO2. Bring your fresh air from outside directly. Do not intake the garage’s air. My ladies have been forgiving. As a first time grower I should have no plants. I’m learning a lot. You’re striving to duplicate Mother Nature. Be mindful of this.