Garage Environment?

Hey all, I may have to move my setup into the garage. It’s a large 2 car garage. I live in Virginia and deal with all four seasons. It would be difficult to control the environment for the whole garage. For those that are doing this, how do you do it. Do you put the equipment inside the tent? (heater, a stand alone AC unit, humidifier)? I use a small tent in my house, I would be buying another, larger tent.

Thanks for your input.

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For a garage that size, a portable A/C unit might not cut it. A mini split system would do it but costs more. I don’t put anything except plants and lights inside the tent, I don’t run any humidifiers or dehumdifiers as I’m inside the house. Only reason I comment is my grow buddy had hell this summer growing in a garage with a portable a/c unit and ultimately had to stop until fall due to heat.


I think you’ll struggle getting everything where you want it. Best thing to do would be to have garage climate controlled and tent or whatever sitting inside of that. You’ll need to have air exchange which will remove your heat and ac if you have limited to inside of your tent.