GARAGE drying, humidifier

I tested the humidity in my garage and it’s 50% right now, though we have a cool spell in Virginia right now with low humidity. My garage is not air conditioned.
I bought a humidifier from target and ran it last night and the humidity is upper 50s now.
I’ll hang the plants in the center of the garage from the ceiling.
Someone mentioned dipping them in water/peroxide? What ratio?
Any other suggestions?

Give this post a good read:

Yep bud wash did it last year got all kinds of nasty stuff from them. Check out some youtube videos. Wash / rinse drip dry hang for drying. Easy as it gets.

Or just to answer your question you can do

1-2 tablespoons peroxide 2% per gallon of water


One gallon regular water rinse

Gently shake excess off and hang dry


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