Gajonga three weeks old


She is a beast at 3 weeks. @bob31 check out this baby!


@bob31 She seems to love the lighting. 2 150cfl Twisties and 2 300w led pure white floods. She is also a nitrogen monster. She has sucked up what would likely burn a lesser strain. Topped at two and a half weeks to keep her short. The last one I grew outdoors grew to nearly 8 feet. I see lst in her near future. Scrog for sure. Fun, fun. :sunglasses::grinning:


From the top. :sunglasses:


@Hogmaster, this is the Gajonga. :sunglasses:


Wow shes huge for 3 weeks! great looking girl! Good color! Not familiar with the strain. Is it me or are some of the leaves fat and some a bit skinnier? @OldStealth


@bob31 This is one of my custom strains. Vietnamese indica crossed with a great Jamaican sativa. Put this one together quite a few years ago. Got 8 seeds left. The indica dominant strain does have a tendency to show a little of both. Major head and body buzz. :sunglasses:


Very nice. Which one was the mother? Just curious… @OldStealth


The Asian.:sunglasses:


That really does sound like a killer Hybrid! Something tells me there will be a bit of sadness when the last one is harvested!


I will try to find a worthy pollen to produce a continuation of the genetics of this cross. I would like to mix in a little ruderalis to automate her.:+1::sunglasses::grinning:


Spray her down on a couple of branches with colloidal silver to feminize her and get some feminized seeds and I would just clone the hell out of her for the next 3 years depending on how strong she is… so that way you still have more seeds later to play with… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I would if I had the space. I live in an unfriendly state. I do not have room for another tent. Great idea though.:sunglasses:


What strain is it?


She’s a hybrid. Indica dominant. :sunglasses:


Broke one top shoot. Cloning will begin soon.:sunglasses:


Decided to mainline the girl. Scrog screen next.:sunglasses:


New photo soon. She so pretty. Proud papa. :sunglasses:


Her she is. @bob31


Yowza she’s lookin good there @OldStealth

hahaha funny thing. I have the same shoes!


Like minds run in the same rut, @bob31, lol!:sunglasses::v:️:grin: