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Just changing over to Gaia Green. Presently watering with Recharge and not using Xtreme Gardening Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculant Organic Root.
I am under the impression that Xtreme Mycorrhizal about the same as Recharge ? Do I need to add Xtreme Mycorrhizal ?
Have 3 Blue Dream Autos going transplanted from Dixie cups 2 weeks ago and look to be taking off nicely just watered them for the first time since transplanted.

Xtreme mykos

@MidwestGuy knows a whole lot more about this stuff than I do
@JaneQP @Graysin have a scientific mind set


Not the same as far as I know. Xtreme Mykos is mycorrhizae- fungus. Recharge contains beneficial bacteria, which is a different organism entirely from the fungus. I use them both in conjunction, though usually the Mykos with seedlings and transplants, rarely any other time. It is not as self-replicating as beneficial bacteria, though, so it may be smart to add it more often than I do.
Beneficial bacteria I reapply once every two weeks, even though its self-replicating it needs food to be able to self-sustain, and if it’s doing a good job of eating all the bad nasties, it may not have the food it needs to thrive. Thus Recharge - has both carbs to feed it and more propagules to reestablish the colonies.

I see @JaneQP typing, I’ll let her handle the science. :joy::sunglasses:


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I have not used those products but I have three new lines I am trying out on some clones. Simply professional, highway dust and Terra grow. For fun I am going to run one more clone in old fashioned job spikes.

The common thread I see is if they have a bacillus of any will see molasses and humic acid. One line I am trying has that mix, plus NPK, Si, Aloe Vera, Ca, Mg, Fe, and yucca.

At the last cannacon I attended, the salespeople were really pushing new and improved microorganism mixes, terpene enhancers, and P boosters.

When I get more time I will research each ingredient a bit deeper.

@Graysin. I did not add science but observations.

I think of it as looking at the shelves full of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs all claiming they are what you need. Many companies spend $$ on advertising.

I used one product and I could tell when the mushrooms popped I had a healthy ecosystem.


My use of mycorrhizae is similar Graysin. I use Great White while transplanting, sprouting seeds and the like. I add Tribus Original about every other week. I also like and use a couple advanced nutrient products. Voodoo juice for bacteria and Piranha for fungi. All in coco and Jacks 321 or TAP


I should have noted I grow in soil and rely on the micro-organisms to work with the plants and release the nutrients to the plants as they need them. We all use different mediums/methods and many products carry over to different styles of growing.

Best to all of you!


Should I mix in my dynomyco when I buffer my coco with cal mag for seedlings???

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I dust the area where the tap root is placed. rather than the entire pot. Then when I transplant I dust the root ball and the depression in the pot where I place the root ball. Great white is expensive so I try to get the most of it by using it directly where it does the most good.

I use a rooting hormone I got at Home Depot when I transplant. I watch a few folks on UTube who all basically say, get it in the permanent container as fast as possible. One guy mentioned that when he goes from Dixie cup to final pot he misses the advantage of Extreme Myco
for transplanting.
I got 2 GDP photos seedlings in Dixie cups now, was :thinking: thinking about going to 3 gal then to 5 gal. for the Extreme Mycos due to the root growth I saw using Rooting Hormone from Home Depot. Good idea or stupid ?
Thanks for all your applies

I use rooting hormone to root cuttings. I see no problem using it for seedlings or even transplants.
Good luck with the GDP. I grew the original plants and a bunch of clones last year. You can check it out at GDP to start the new year
I use 1 gallon fabric transplanters for the intermediate pot. They have a Velcro enclosure . Its like peeling a banana when its time to transplant.
This is one of the GDP going into its 5 gallon final home

I started using rooting hormone same time I started Recharge hard to tell which was more beneficial, but retrospectively thinking I have to say it was Recharge. My first grows without it were pathetic, low yield and poor quality.
My first real successful grow was with some Bruce Banner auto. I got 15oz. of clean bud off 6 plants. Recently retired haven’t smoked since late 70’s was always broke workin way thru school not much for weed in budget. 15 ounces of Bruce Banner recently retired = I was making Cheech and Chong look like Tele Evangelist. Had to get control starting giving it away. Nice to see the look on someone face, when you hand them a Mason jar.
Bruce Banner makes me pretty much nonfunctional, Hoping the Blue Dream will “take the edge off” while being functional :face_with_spiral_eyes:. Looking forward to sampling the GDP as it will be my first Photos a nice contrast to Blue Dream . Think I got the germination down as I was only 10-25% success rate. Using advice from I​:heart:GM for seed germination, told me to soak till I get a 3/4 to inch tap root. Always soaked for a week or more with same results for a year. Definition of insanity. Why I got my first Photo, God Father OG, bought 20. Lost every seed. Got one GPD seedling going strong, and just planted 3 more Blue Dream Auto this morning, only soaked for 2 days just the beginning of tap root showing, however seed is popping open already.
Looking forward to cloning more cost effective and cloning looks easier than seeds.
The Black Widow strain is looking very tempting hope I can handle it.

Your plants look strong thanks all the advice.