“Gaia” Day 12 (Blueberry-Big Devil)

What do you think guys, am I going in the right direction, any tips, opinions? I really want to learn!

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Looks like you might be right on the verge of too much N. What kind of soil are you in? Are you feeding nutes?

I have it in a pot for pot Superb soil, but I think i made a slightly mistake by adding big bloom and calmag (small amount) before i was gonna plant jiffy pellet in pot after plants 8th day. I ask here on this blog if i did the right thing but someone wrote not to feed it yet or at all because pot for pot has everything in it, im just using ph controlled water and just do that. What should i do, please?

I would stick with pH-ed water and maybe a low feed of cal-mag every other watering for now. If that’s the 2g P4P setup she will definitely need nutes later, but right now, the soil should be able to keep her happy.

@Alexcrow88 hi mate have you read the grow bible on ilgm site it has some great info :slight_smile:
an there is support ticket also which gives members more info on your situation if you ask a question :slight_smile: good luck mate :slight_smile:

I started with a half gallon pot, you know, so i could learn in something small then get bigger pots for other seeds i still have. thanks a lot for the tips, i will keep updating the process!

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thanks a lot man! :smiley:

where can i find it? please?

@Alexcrow88 hi mate i just looked a guides section on this site an it has it all step by step, there is a bible i just forgot the link i will have a look :slight_smile:

just type ilgm grow bible an it takes you here :slight_smile: i know is here somewhere lol for free i just gotta find it lol :slight_smile: