“Gaia” Blueberry/Big Devil 30 days old🥳

Hello guys, hope everyone is having safe and peaceful holidays!
I wanted to share some pics from my month old plant. I had feed her two times with lower amount of nutrients from the Fox farm trio and thank God i believe i haven’t harmed her with anything yet. If the introduction says 6tsp i put 2 and a half tsp. I remember someone said “Be the judge, be the plant” so i’m hoping i’m doing it right, what do you guys think?image|375x500

Plant looks very nice. I also use FF trio and like you dumb down the amount they say and had very nice results. Having said that I could not tell if I would have better results by going on there chart. Now I have started using Jacks fert., much simplier in amounts you use and thru the grow…just my opioin. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Hey, thanks a lot!
So yeah, I bought Foxfarm products because as a beginner i didn’t know where to start so I started watching videos on youtube (like everyone else does :roll_eyes:) and saw they were the most common ones so i gave em a try, happy growing! 🪴

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