G13 tips or tricks

Has anyone grown G13 yet? Indoors ? any tips would be great,didn’t find anything in blog or journal…thanks

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The reason you probably haven’t found anything is that there are no strain specific grow differences for cannabis. Sativas will grow a bit different than indicas (length of time to harvest,) but other than that any plant will grow just like any other cannabis plant. Cannabis is cannabis.


Agreed some strains may be more nutrient hungry then others, and more resistant to hot or cold or insects , but basically every strain needs more nitrogen in veg and more phosphorus and cal mag in flower and enjoys light lol , learn the basics then fine tune it to each plant when you get the skills of reading what’s wrong with your plants

thanks for the awesome information.

G-13 can be a very heavy bud producer ! It was a fun strain , they can get 7ft tall !

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This is 3 g13 in a 4x4 under a mars hydro tsl2000 and a tsw2000. Grown in coco using jacks 321. The result was awsome bud bud production was sooo heavy that airflow was a problem and some buds ended up with mold. I would next time only do 2 plants in this space. The smell is awsome. They’re chopped and drying now so no idea of weight maybe 1lb.

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more nutrient hungry? growing hydro, G13, how much more nutrient hungry? ILGM website says it needs lots of nutrients, can you explain that to an idiot
such as myself

I just sprouted a few g13 autos so I’ll let you know how it goes as I find out! Lol

After the root zone gets established you can run your ppm as high as the plant will take it ? They adapt very aggressively to heavy feeding verses most plants will burn, the G-13 strain don’t as much in my experience with it !

I too purchased the G13 strain from ILGM. Haven’t started any yet, but they’re on the list of strains to grow in the next few months.