G13 seeds. Low germination rate

I followed the germination instructions to a T!! I only had 3 of the 5 split and only one produced a tail. I put them in the Jiffy Pot greenhouse with my regular garden seeds with a heat mat. The other 2 still haven’t done anything, they all spent 96 hours in water. I took advantage of the buy 10 get 10 so do I complain when I still have so many? I have autos coming and won’t know if they’re bad for another 5 months.


Seeds are a product of nature and its impossible to know if a seed will sprout by looking at it. The germination guarantee is great and many have taken advantage of it. You simply need to contact the seed shop and let them know your experience. They are not based in the US and dont work weekends. So be patient after contacting them and they will respond. Just reply to the email you received when you ordered your seeds. It already has all your order information in it so they wont have to go looking for it. My first order of a mixpack had a bad batch of Blueberry Auto seeds. They shipped me another pack that next day. Just be nice and they will take care of you.


Yes. What he says. Lol. Ilgm is great about fixing messups. Hope all works out for u. I’m sure it will.

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Thank you, I felt like I was being a jerk for complaining about 2 seeds, especially with the deal I got.

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