G13 autos germination trouble

i recieved 5 g13 autos friday dropped 2… 5 days no germination dropped 2 more sunday no splitting sort of disappointed since i just germinated 8 out of 11 white widows then had one of the 3 germinate after 8 days

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Welcome @dph! Would you mind explaining your germination method?? Most here do a 24-48 hour soak in water with a dash of peroxide, then go to a damp paper towel folded in half and placed in a Ziploc bag for another 24-48 hours. When a tail is between ¼ and ½ inch, go to your medium of choice.


i used thier method

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
Did you get seeds from ILGM? How did you germinate your girls?


yes and i followed thier instructions no problems with the whitewidows i just did except for 2duds out of 11

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Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you get your germinating figured out. :blush::v:

Patience is required and avoid the paper towel method keeps them to damp.
I soak for 24 - 46 hours , just see a little white tail and into the soil it goes, I have even direct planted seed with good results.
I only grow outdoors now and use only autos.
Contact ILGM about the seeds that did not germinate!

thx on day i have always done paper towel till i bought from ilgm and went with thier recomendations

only grow outdoors and autos also

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