G.N. website down what's going on?

Anyone know why I can’t get on G.N.?

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I can’t access it either. According to my iPad, their network is down.

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I wonder why :anguished:

Just says “host error”. :pensive: I know there are some other members on here, but can’t remember who they are.

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@GreenSnek any idea?

It seems to have nighttime issues dunno why

I think @pptrsha1 & @Tenga are also over there. Still nothing for me.

I could not get on all day yeaterday eother. There ate alot off ppl over there alos. Kap tenga. Trish def. Gresn snek covert black thumb rap josh mcginnis and we can keep going.


I’m still trying to wrap my head around why theres a post on ILGM about another forum being down.