G-13 Looking good to me😊

1 month into flower
HLG -300
Using MG

Any tips?


Looks great keep doing what you’re doing that’s miracle grow soil


Nice job and great for a MG grow :love_you_gesture:


This is a clone/mother plant. Got some discoloration on the leaves. What do you think.?

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Nice ladies. MG is doing a good job! :+1:

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Might want to flush that one, and or transplant. Several advanced nutrition issues it seems.

First one looks great!


Looks good. That’s the Mississippi strain but oddly i have heard it has mold issues which coming from the humidity of Mississippi is odd. Im waiting for someone to grow a few outdoors to get a report before i give it a go. Keep us updated

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5 weeks into flower
Leaves turning yellow with some burned tips.
Is this under or over fed IYO

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HELP please

@Damaxx2023 so have you done something different? Do you keep a log?
Just by pictures it could be a deficiency or something else…but without knowing the past I don’t have a solution for this at the moment…check out this leaf info and see if anything fits your situation

Thank You VVM😊

Week 5 of flower it’s most likely hungry but hard to say without a tds measurement. I see some brown spots, are u using too much cal mag? Check the ph

Just started using cal-mag after pics. Raised HGL R-300 from 12” to 18”. Maybe light burn?

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Major calcium deficiency. Supplement calmag every watering or feeding. Calcium is best absorbed at a PH of 6.2. Keep an eye on the new growth for signs and the danger leafs won’t recover. She’s in flower and will need a little extra potassium and phosphorus and less nitrogen. What nutrients are you using and medium? :love_you_gesture:

Using Cali-Pro A & B
King Kola

Nothing for 2 months veg

I would also like to mention the amount of white chalky residue on the leaves?? What’s your temps and RH? Using a humidifier?

As in Miracle Grow👆

Miracle Grow
55% RH

The MG is a tough one for trying to keep the nutrient levels at an optimum PPM range due to the time released nutrients at every watering. What kind of run off numbers are you getting now? I’m not familiar with your nutrient line but didn’t notice calmag??

Yes last feeding added cal-mag
It’s what they recommended from the grow shop here

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